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Posted by  Per Corell on June 05, 2003 at 04:05:07:

In Reply to:  Re: What will society be like in the future so we know what we need to design? posted by Ruud van Heyningen on June 04, 2003 at 05:30:00:

Art is acturly not just a social game, it's the oppotunity to develob and open your mind from a hostile aproach towerds visionary people and at the same time get to know your self, --- that's a lead in social games heavily under valued, but acturly very close to the idear about it.
Art give you the oppotunity to either make the lot into throwing dort on somone and then say he stinkm or develob your own emagination and views,------- please tell me, if you knew how to automatickly dimention a frame, would you then gladly tell me or would you hide your knowleage just to be able to act hostile again.
How do you Romans expect things now fried chicken don't just come flying, ------ you want new things, but if it's not wrapped in plastic and ask your positive will, then you rather stay with the old horse than saying this new automobile could be nice, if there was just a man with a gun walking infront ?
None of the fantastic options even cought your emagination ; saving money no comment. Saving production equipment and develobing new increadible methods , already explained in terms a child can understand , --- no comment. But mispelling a word ; --- then we don't want this new idear.
You don't want new visions unless one of the friends from academics stole it from some visionary seflthought guy ; --- that I know already, but art is not about stealing or picking words just to put this iretating guy who is good with new idears somone else shuld have had.
Art was the oppotunity for this, instead arts is made into a social game , protecting academics against skilled people who think creating shuld be playing, ------ protecting acade,ics against the child who se the emporor don't carry any clotches, even by throwing dirt and say he stink. I been in so many discussions like this, and know that first you must not draw so abstract, then when you use a tradisional form "you" must not do so, but the friends can use as many catedrals or steal old soviet architecture calling it their own innovation ; that's all right, but when you ask a direct link to production and some guy acturly deliver, you get arogant and spend the intire social harasment , ------- this is not art, it's the opposite.
If you knew a detail that would make 3D-Honeycomb better, would you then in an idealistic way contribuate or would you use your knowleage ,even you know this would work, or wouldyou rather keep it for yourself to be able to put forth more critic ?
Then what is you doing.
The architectural trend you point to is not my cup of tea, and I find it over-speculated and off-topic in terms of solving the serious problems of today's world, one of the problems in today's world is people playing safe by the pleasure of social harasment of people whois different, have better abilities in a specific arear, or is a tread to the clueless use of technology in architecture.
Guess you hate me for my "trends" in art that sell tickets or papers, and the true artists today is in the same role as back then.
---------- The object for hate and hatefull discussions as they say Disney new concert hall is old-fasion technology.
You have not commented one single obvious fantastic issue about pressing a button and the house structure is there ; this leave you bored. Not one comment about the manufactoring revolution this indicate, ------- wonder if a guy like you, would even protect the rights of true visionary designers.
All you do is to say "no this is to Hippie" and then you instantly promote some spoiled academics who never had to protector fight for anything ; this will bring a brightr world.
Guess you don't even know why a shipyard will love the graphic I placed at top, but you would proberly hit on the wrong spelling.
How many artists was good writing, how many artists was good programming, how many architects can acturly use a CAD program and know what a mesh entity is and it's limmitations ----- guess today you can't even describe mesh entities unless you then critic some architect.

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