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Posted by  Per Corell on June 14, 2003 at 12:01:14:

In Reply to:  Re: Future in architecture? posted by Jim on June 14, 2003 at 07:15:00:

If you want to perform the thing , project from your own idear and acturly want to make money you must offer a resable offer.
Cad is the Digital tool bringing the option, this can be with easy user interface but producing detail 3D framework is no problem ; as anyone know, this is what the program do, produce a relaible ,stromg cheap sheet material structure, ---- case we talk 3D-H, that I se as first true 3D structure modeling, with a direct link to production.
This is not without value, as you know the direct link do the thing a third the cost, This is what CAD is about, with this 3D-H idear, as you know this is an idear and a few graphics all to prove a new Digital building method.
I am a designer not an architect, the computer will produce the exact frameworks much cheaper when the production, is _not_ 20 different profiles, caulking floor works no good enough for all conditions, 3D-H have no hangers or trusses then don't say nothing of thinking , went into providing what you Romans asked, ------- a promise of a bright future .
Plumbers shuld make it, not architects finding beauty in money, Architecture is from what I know about beauty, then now is Digital and Digital mean "Direct link to production" , first now you Romans temm me you lost focus years ago ;))
I think that as architecture is more than just producing fancy buildings, Digital must provide a tool for somone more skilled, then why is architect app's made with expandable wall solids instead of acturly generating the N.C. codes for the drawn things whatever scale.
Still the intire group know this obsession of mine and apriciate the fancy graphics, then it's my trouble, that these can acturly be produced providing four times the strength at a third the cost, depending sheet material and accable production. True ; very welcom on an outher planet, but allway's sadly the options for skilled designers on earth ;))
This is true, and I accept that the Digital revolution shuld reach further than 20 year old mesh structures translated best way skilled craftmen. 20 year old methods, shuld these still be cutting edge, Intel and Ms proberly profit dramasticly by a new true Digital building methods, but no such thing as fair competition, --- there are vorse than vorse ,but 3D-H is just a building method, nothing dangouras, as if doing a nice Cabin in Steel framework at a fifth ,made last 50 years is acturly a nice tool.
You Romans want to sell anything, sell the Technology and profit any level on that , the world expect this, -------- did you forget you don't reach the moon, unless you want to go there, now do you need a primitive but true Digital building method ;))
As you did reach the moon why chance with the technology that can solve hunger problems by gen tech. Now this also mean, that I am just publishing my work , doing so I hope to promote better technology or atleast some Digital, acturly a lot think there is only one Digital technology, realy there is several, some with a very different aproach to building volume projecting ; acturly cutting the pieces. Then you need skilled workers but don't you already .
3D-H is different, true you are Roman and think Pyramides are great and I can point to things 10 times better than you ask working "forever", as expected doing sense new math. that even 8 year old can master.
You Romans simply don't know how cheap a dog's house can be produced :))
In architectural terms, I se no problem. 3D-H is just any building method, this time true Digital , still I know architects that never shuld be aloved a computer, without buffer, still I am not buffer but designer , architects are these such that don't know what to do fromn the start, ---- year is 2003 and I been picking on you Romans since you was hypnorised by those wierd triangles , right ;))
Technology is the only true promise for a bright future why shuld the building method not care, ------- the technology develobed being a dead end or a develobing and true Digital, here I se the direct link ,the option to acturly build a 3D-H structure and earn a bundle. What's wrong acturly doing modern CAD technike, is sadly enough, the lazy young people who don't know a normal vector from a cafe. Strait points .
Lines , sorry.
Design is already a struggle for beauty in any sort material for each porpous , there is bed, chair and envision and a few other basic important issues .
I am boatbuilder but also programmer and designer , I spended to much time doing boat design, and shuld have focused on the more universal issues before but then how to progress your point of view , ask for a fair competition ha.
Architects can do what they want, my obsession go deeper as my wish for controling this new tech. _drove_ me thru with the sole wish to acturly build nice, in good materials in a brand new style, providing jobs and progress.
I just think this is an important messeage.

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