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Posted by  Obvious on July 02, 2003 at 03:12:34:

In Reply to:  Re: How did your WTC Memorial Turn Out? posted by Old Owl on July 01, 2003 at 04:47:41:

I assume that your alias referes to the wee hours at which these exchanges are posted.Where i come from an owl (and even more so an old one) is a symbol of wisdom.Alas, your opening line betrays a rush to judgement more indicative of the huried spirit of youth,hungry as it is for simple,definitive answers.You obviously concluded that my remarks were a form of post facto rationalisation:("my design is great,BUT i will not win ONLY because logistical obstacles will preclude an Objective Analysis which otherwise would aknowledge MY Genius.)I remember many years ago of seeing a film with Jane&Peter Fonda set in the Great Depression "They shoot horses don't they"in which they got it over with indeed.You further assumed that I share the American cultural credo whereby "winning is not everything,is the ONLY thing"and therefore the probable negative outcome of my efforts would send me into depressive self pity.As to "Passionate people comming together" for meaning or/and fame these concepts seem as of late to be interchangeable in contemporary American culture:it gives meaning to your life to "be on" Springer or Survivor for it gives you your 15 minutes of fame.Finaly perhaps you and all readers would consider why more Memorials were built in the past 2 decades than in all previous History of the US? There are news about the FLIGHT800 Memorial being "endangered" by beach erosion,theSan Diego plane crash Memorial being consecrated,the Capitol Mall suffering from "memorial congestion",the Capitol park in Sacramento,california being overcrowded with Memorials and so on.ALL OF US ARE EQUAL ALL SUFFERING IS EQUAL IF ONE LOSS DESERVES A MEMORIAL,ALL LOSSES DESERVE A MEMORIAL. The Romans,just before their demise, were busy builders of...MEMORIALS.If you detect an apparent incongruity of these comments with my admitted participation in the MEMORIAL competition,please consider these two points: 1:Being one of the 5 selected would give one access to(perhaps)"meaningful" projects and 2:All great Cathedrals were designed by Atheists and despite dedicating all his compositions to"The Glory Of God",J.S.Bach was so "passionate"about his music that he fought a duel with his Kapelmeister on a matter of musical theory.

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