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Posted by  Per Corell on July 04, 2003 at 04:18:10:


Today Architecture is already tight up in the very narrow parts of it, that deal with fame and critics dare not risk even thinking about being what they shuld be, critic , about the Icons we decided to misread ,with the result that 20 year old primitive computer mesh , is what critics think shuld point further into future. You can hardly put relevant documented critic ,even you have alternatives ; architecture is chained by critics who will not risk that new idears shuld challance the primitive computer meshes and we must stay with these as othervise art is no social game.
So how to critic accountant software , -------- architecture software that was already 20 years ago a matter of placing a symbol, so the computer when finaly alloved to work for halve a second , could produce the documentation on paper just like 100 years ago ; just like before computers , ------- don't this ring a bell ?
Architecture is about what persenteage the architect gain on this particular brand of toilets and placing symbols on a 2D sheet is just like things allway's was done ; ------- shuld the computer then only be used to place more fancy symbols, is that even progressive or is the way software develob just another useless sales gadged ?

Now it is difficult enough, when you as I acturly is a registrated application develober, to critic both that critics is stuck with Bilbao and will not allow architecture to develob from that point.
The protectivism that stuck the technology in 20 year old primitive computer mesh, shuld othervise progress new Visions , but even in this fora, you can't even get anyone to acturly open their eyes and make a neutral description about the actural architectural difference between Bilbao and Disney concert hall, -------- why is everyone chicken or is the problem, that no one is realy profesional ?
What shuld be so fancy about picking a wall in a standard lib. and pull it out to the size ,snapped with how wide and how ling a brick is, so you can go buy 7896 bricks , ----- where is the challance and the fancy new thing, except that now you can sell it easyer ,as the software develobers placed a new chain around your feets so you can only "build" what they already described in standard blocks for Lego-Thinking.

Bilbao that was an Icon , showing that technology even primitive at that state, could produce whatever emaginable even only as a fragile pipe mesh , asking an army of craftmen, who had to bend tubes that was not bend in the plans to cover these with what was practic and impressive, -------- but why wasn't the concept 100 pct. was it only a matter of that Titanium was impressive and easy in small squares ,compared the fact, that you shuld think that to do it right, you shuldunfold the surfaces and show an arogant prove, that technology hand you the tools, to unfold the intire building surface in huge and precice panels that will fit within a millimeter .
No instead you build a tradisional brick building and place a fancy high-tech top-hat and lock architecture in that.
Where can Visions fly, when arts became a social game and critics want to keep architecture bound in respect that undermine further develobment of the same technikes these Icons shuld reflect.
Is fiddlework and Lego Thinking realy the future for architecture ?

Now Please understand that I go for the obvious stubit idear, that skilled designers can hardly suggest anything better, without critics misread this as a critic to their beloved Idol. But we --- the ones of us who think architecture must be somthing different than 20 year old primitive mesh entities that anyone with just a bit knowleage, know is silli unless you want a difficult emty top-hat and build two houses one inside the other. Please realise that these early "high-tech" only offer a thin fragile surface in pipes or clumpsy 500 ton walls to keep thin sheets fancy in the air, but please also se, that the role you placed Visionary designers and architects in, is acturly the old syndrome where the artists critics today will not even mention , will be those seen tomorrow as hero's , who dared fight the settled crowd, as they had this fantastic Vision we then know was true Visionary.

Guess Critics hypnotised themself to belive that technology stopped with Bilbao, then they closed their one eye for the profesional and craftlike facts and troubles, beside covering the vorse behind the argument of art.

--------- To know the computer code, to be a skilled craftman and be focused in the Vision , is different than how most think about an artist. Today anyone reconise the fame and don't wan't to deal with the creative process this shuld be about ; you know the one that acturly bring all these fancy Icons. But Software made sure that no skills and feel is required , and instead of challancing a new form language, critics rather have idiots with no clue or tallent to place Lego-Block on Lego-Block , as this is how architecture must be created.

No room for true creativity as then you risk a critic, that question Bilbao -------- or rather just emagine if there realy is somthing about the critics from those pointing to cool facts, you know those who refere facts and know what's written in the code and have an alternative.

Here in Denmark creativity is somthing that happened 60 years ago, and the fame and fancy books is what trouble your steps, as no one want to make money and art is for sure a social matter where as it's been for centuries ,those who is not academic even get their projects hung upside down when the result of the contest is on display. That's how it work in a contry where it is more important who your father is than if your work carry a true Vision. ------- So today the role of an arist is even vorse than at the start of past century, as even you acturly know what the technology consist of, Art is a matter of selling tickets and I guess that there in all the world, is a critic mafia protecting the arts against non-members of the academic circles.
Isn't this how it work ------- better be carefull as I can point to loads of experience and show that it work this way.

Anyway where is the lead out of this dead-end road ,when anything better challancing Bilbao ,is not well seen , nomatter how right the visionary new artist is.

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