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Posted by  Per Corell on July 06, 2003 at 05:26:00:

In Reply to:  Re: Any idea how these guys can possible do it at this price? posted by Bo Atkinson on July 06, 2003 at 02:04:33:

Maby it is a bit off-topic what I have to say, but when you point to fantastic linedrawings and renderings I wonder if these shuld sell a project or if they shuld be hang on the wall.
I find it very important that art with such poverfull expression can be bought at a reasonable price be easy to replace and will be part of an art "movement" , as in the vaccum of today's artworld, Art realy have to move.
It is already difficult enough, while this solid quality works you point, must struggle lame consumer art ,where the "artist" is such praised by the settled arts world ,and when those start doing architecture, you will find the direction be the Hovski-snovski trend. --------- meaning " who are you to question the emporers underwear" .
Cost is essential, but so is quality and Vision in renderings. I mean if I shuld have architecture drawings on the wall, I would be sure the artist is not just refering latest sci-fiction trend --- is not just in it for the fame -- and best of all, now we talk architecture, is performing an honest aproach ,not just the facination in new-technology.
As I guess we talk new technology, not just asking the new options to support the old way's of projecting a lookalike high-tech space.

Now maby what is wrong, is that yet another natural brand in develobment in the direction where trust in future ,replace the settled arts mob ; maby it is that simple, that just like when there suddenly could be sound with the movie ,a lot of artists didn't have the voice to do it right.

( sorry my lack of english words is my greatest trust, and I simply don't remember the word for movie without sound ) -------

Maby like back then, some artists argued that film without sound were a greater art, than an all to natural option ,where picture and sound and cheaper equipment ,would make anyone capable of doing art with software everyone could just buy , making Art into vulgar boring everyday.

Please understand that my oppinion about the estetics in the renderings we se about architecture is, that they often is autistic.
---------- People locked in a glass wall, cought in a vision that will scare you. A focus on lack of detail and use of soft colors to cover the boring inviroment, just everything missing a hands-on feel or will to produce human surroundings ; is this what we shuld hang on the walls. All to neat making humans alian in their own surroundings.

Back to subject , I will say that the vorse direction ,and the direction that just point in the same dead-end direction, will be to use the new options to support the way things was done before we had te oppunity to crate a new arts direction and what vorry me, is that the settled crowd will steal the tools ,to force them to support how bricks was used before we got these options.

This is difficult , ----------- will we se the new building methods be lost while the settled take over the fruit of the true visions, to support an arts world based on social skills and art as a buisness where every bookshop who by chance know, how cheap it can acturly be done, will form a Boy-Band or a Girl-Band , producing pop music and architectural artswork , to sell a fake Vision where the true Art is forgotten ?

----------- Or as things work about artists , new technology, and our understanding of new options ; what else can we use renderings for.
Renderings that originaly is just 3D "prove" that a new form language have the capacity to acturly produce the wonders, is taken from those who use the tool and at the same time their Visions, as now we must listen to those who never needed to fight for their art.
--------- No I don't mean those academics, but those that make true 2003 art.

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