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Posted by  Jim on July 15, 2003 at 10:31:19:

In Reply to:  Re: HOW MUCH FREEDOM IN DESIGN DO WE HAVE IN ARCHITECTURE TODAY posted by Gustia Rachmat Anasril on July 10, 2003 at 20:50:53:

While 'feng shui' is all the vogue in some sad quarters, it is not truth in any way, but simply the old Godless superstitions of pagans masquerading as 'science.' Just because millions of Orientals have believed in it for centuries does not make it any more thrue than the fact that there are still people who believe that the earth is flat (care to join the Flat Earth Society?). It is not the number of adherents that proves the 'truth' of something, but how much it conforms to demonstrable facts, and feng shui cannot demonstrate any conformity to facts. There are, for example, far more children who believe in the Easter Bunny than adults who believe in Uncle Sam, so should we elect a child president and make the Easter Bunny our national symbol? So much for such foolish restrictions on architects as 'fung shui' or any other superstitions.

No, Justin, there is nowhere near the freedom to design as one likes in Architecture today, compared to centuries past. As I have made clear in previous posts, architectural practice today is primarily a business-driven (as opposed to 'art-driven') activity with most architects burried under the minutiae of laws, money matters, and conflicts between materials suppliers and building codes, not to mention the unsatisfied clients. Further, since all structures of modest budgets must concentrate on what features the client wants and the necessary superstructure and systems to accomplish them, the architect often is left with only enough money for some small ornamental aspects to make his building seem like something more than another glass box. But, alas, few architects today are knowledgable or brave enough to employ any ornamentation, lest they be sneered at by the fawning acolytes of 'Corbu' or any of the other false 'gods' of modern architecture. (read : "From Bauhaus to Our House" by Tom Wolfe to find out how architecture students have been hoodwinked by those scaming them into believeing that there is value as a 'white god' in Modernism.)

Sad to day, without a HUGE budget to create sweeping spaces of unusual design, the typical architect today would only be able to fall back on ornament to distinguish his virtual glass box into anything more than that, but he dares not use ornament or a period style, so he is left with virtually no outlet for artistry. If you are artistic, become an artist, for architecture as art is dead.

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