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Posted by  Per Corell on July 15, 2003 at 14:26:55:

In Reply to:  Re: what would br the role of architect in 2050 posted by Ruud van Heyningen on July 15, 2003 at 05:36:47:

I agrea that the whole issue, is about what trouble you can emagine when Digital technology show, that there is not just one technology but as many as you invent or find as side effect.
I think this year is as important as ever , the Digital we se in architect applications most often just reflect how you would handle the books with an 17' century ink pen, ------ from my point of view architects is bound in software, ment to remember how many doors, what color size manufactor asf.
Why is it no Roman want to belive, that Digital work better as a direct link, producing the actural building frame as an very accurat kit, -------- call it whatever you want, but the brick is not as "clever" as a frame in 3D-H, that reach in same plane, to be waal ,floor support frame, part elevator sharft . Then taking a 3D-H apart , a frame will cover the top Dome, part roof ; take it apart and it show more idear than a brick , esp. in concern of computers.
Still architects want to keep building Pyramides, even they never realy gained from them.

Why is it this year shuldn't be as important as when ever when new technology showed a load of options. Who say human invention spirit is over with the Icons and hero's thousand of years ago ; the computer, like it or not, ------ turned all this upside down, as now you can do more than placing block ontop block ; you can acturly project a building structure perfect ready for production, instead of just writing down the Bill of materials .

You are quite right that we need a new form language, as when you check the icon buildings from the past 12 years, you find that architects already reinvented any style, fasion ideology ,tree times already past century. This mean that if anything must progress anything, this will be a technology, maby so advanced , that we can't today emagine what such a tool provide. Maby architects realy got rotten, and say haleluja to a foult of fifty feet out of measure , ------- and accept this as "Computer accurance" ,what I mean is, that if you emagine future , as building from a mesh entity, the future already stopped. You don't post bricklayers to Mars or the Moon .

It is my oppione , that the Icons seem to be much more important, than the average family home, but how build homes at a third the cost four times stronger, without develobing the right and this time, true Digital tools. Those that work as you would expect.
Bad if architecture, end up being your choice about ready blocks, delivered free by the manufactor though , without new visionary idears challance with a promise of a bright future, jobs and progress.
Digital options is much greater with a Direct-Link producing the actural building blocks from a standard material , cut "2D" producing true 3D buildings or crafts ; an idear that ask just sheet material and a very simple robot to produce a Cabin or a house.
Hopefully designers year 2050 will be fighting the stiffened 3D-H from way back Dinusaur age, then they maby finaly made Romans se how useless Pyramides is ;))

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