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Posted by  Per Corell on July 17, 2003 at 02:16:29:

In Reply to:  Re: what would br the role of architect in 2050 posted by StuGreen on July 16, 2003 at 15:31:18:

Fakework is proberly not the right word. But you can refine methods to the extents that the buildings dislike the fantasy and core life values of those living there, most of this isn't projected by architects btw.
But for me the subject is a question about how quality and visions can even survive, in an engineers mind world, where there is no room for quality except the fake.
Please don't misunderstand my critic about highly effective modern expensive housing, ------ but the cheaper build, the more expensive is the cost ,it is the lack of cirtain qualities I try to point to and how this Lego-thinking is supported in what a lot of people think is new technology, "technology" that with a closer look ,is just how things alway's was done, just more efficient with blocks and Lego-thinking. Also I must agrea that it is my personal belive, that the thing become what is put into it. These day's ready blocks and standard boxes. Very efficient but a very "bare" style, also quite expensive even all the fake.
Guess this shuld be the challance, as with technology it is not just new visions and inventions that get a chance to show , Lego-thinking also get a burst and buildings end up, so there is no idear restoring in 30 years. ------- but will anyone miss the bore ?
Even "everyone" proberly wouldn't se, what else they be missing, as that don't stand a chance anymore.
Guess there will be enough years from now to 2050 for the building constructores to make sure, that instead of all this in-efficient nonsense about quality and detail ,we rather shuld all live in one _big_ box , square as hell and perfectly fake, not just fake fake, as arogant acountant justify by higher profit, supported by software firms promoting Lego City rather than human need for detail and quality.
Architecture is a sad buisness . Guess the measure for architecture is already this, that true architectural visions is replaced with squarebox and Lego thinking and this became a religion for engineers. -------- now I guess you know those are the ones who decide what can be build, and then software is just a reflection about how things alway's been done.
You se, there is that little wish for progress and new jobs, that even the technology is taken hosteage and slave , to produce only Legobox while "this is how it alway's been done" , or as I seen , that when a new refreshing idear surface , it will be met with the full blown artillery of protectivism ------- even the Web has been taken by those who substitude visions with calculations and don't trust human innovative spirit.
Acturly the role of the artist is even vorse 2003 than 1903, as not only was the so called freedom of expression bound in the first primitive mesh fantasies up to this date, ------- just check what influence "free-form" high-tech acturly had´with 99 pct. of what is acturly build. Then emagine somone who can justify the critic about this dead end and point to the dangers of Lego-Thinking , what chances do you think such person have compared 1903 ; less chance I would say.
I alway's told myself to check the detail to know the quality, now Detail just cost money, as Detail didn't get a chance to be stored within the form language as an option of magic ,producing beauty where Lego-Thinking rule , -------- now I know what is missing since it's so long past we seen this ; Beauty where did it go , why didn't engineers make that into a block ?

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