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Posted by  Per Corell on July 25, 2003 at 03:47:29:

In Reply to:  Re: LeCorbusier posted by Wim Berkel on July 24, 2003 at 23:53:18:


It is easy to throw dirt on somone and then claim he stink , and that's what you was wictim for ; somone making a cheap joke that you fell for.

Please check other posts I posted ;
With these I alway's spelled my name right and placed my mail address.
-------- With the one you ansver, "My" name is not spelled right and the bloke who posted it, didn't even bother place the mail address.
In other words that mail is somthing somone posted as kind of a joke.
Now the genuine posts , those realy posted by the ones signing with their own name can be found easy when you follow the treads in this forum as each participant have their own style and somtimes their own Pony, but realy , anyone can fill in with any name, -- this way no one will contribute with any issue except joking, waste of time acturly for both the Joker and you ; we all seen this before in this forum and as most are grown up people , we seen it as kind of "noise".

So back on track in a discussion I realy wouldn't participate , as it don't give me the chance to promote 3D-H ( Irony ) , you shuld know, that all Per Corell ask you to do, is to look at his designs, the method that make this possible and cheap, and then make a comment. You se I am not an architect even I spended 4 years at the architect acadamy, had a few profesional projects that truely produced a number of nice boat designs, but as the most important result ,a number of computer programs that needed a true "thing" so to document that the design concept also worked in real and not just behind a 2D screen.

--------- It's been 10 years since I produced a boat design, and surely I know that there are quite sad charecters that feel their posision treadened and then among "friends" ( read preditors ), you can use any exchouse if you want to throw dirt on somone you know is better than yourself ; this acturly only show that Art realy is a social thing among academics, as if somone can make a joke about somone else becaurse he is a boatbuilder , I guess it tell more about this person .

So the design tools I develobed in a hands-on process , writing programs plotting the assembly piece, back to the programming aso. was realy some of the only projects that 10 years ago , was in the spirit of these old idols. --------- But a latter climbing academic, in the academic suroundings , can easily use this to make a fool about anyone who can acturly use a computer and realy develob true new methods and idears ; guess you now know why I left the acadamy and the states workshops , you se there are many way's to throw dirt and when it cost you broken down expensive equipment ,you take the remains and leave the academics in their social art.

The critic I put forth is not a theoretic issue anyway, the method I develobed since late 80' , is a serious challance oposed the lame mesh entities architects think is Organic heaven ------ even problem is that this heaven is an emty shell that don't even follow the measures in the drawing. Now back then, a few nice people asked me to contact one of the professors at the acadamy, but this was before I realised, that nomatter how clever you are, nomatter if your idears and skills are great this don't count, as Art is a social skill.
Now please ask yourself, what it is that is so fantastic ,about drawing an emty computer mesh ,wouldn't you think that what this Per Corell say shuld be seen with an open mind , then

-------- The "movement" I progress ask you to be critic about the building methods many architects think to be the top of high-tech structuring, and to claim that I shuld be critic about Le.Corb is nonsense .

I am not an achitect and I know what academic circles are about, esp. here in denmark this is not any plesent company as the whole gang is thruout corrupt ------ want prove just ask. But when you realised, that when you develobed a true new Digital building method, guess what the response will be ; if you think academics will say it's great you are wrong, ---- then it's up to you to wonder the reson.
But nomatter if you develobed somthing that is better, even you put forth arguments and documentation , be sure academics rather steal than putting in a copyright notis about who develobed the visions, the core concept and the new technology, ------- you se a few academics rather steal as this is what social arts progress, not true creativity or true visions.

Now if you reached these words , please check the scrapbook, and please look at the actural results of this method I spended so many years to develob. Then know that this is unique, this is a new form language that will be bad spelled when anyone try to just copy, academics would have slautered Le.Corb if they had the chance, they would have called F.L.W a boatbuilder if they could get their name in a dusty book, ---------- but then please check the graphics I placed in the scrapbook and please consider, that these designa ,all offer the floors and walls. They all are build in a method that make an end to 20 different steel profiles, fiddled with knees and hangers and replace it all, with a brand new true Digital building method with only one type of material.
Please let me refere a single line from your reply to the fake P.C. :

"Jesus wept, what planet are you on pal?"

Im'e no pal , and I am on a planet where academics rule and some lame joker have a better chance throwing dirt, than somone who develobed the perfect Digital building method fit for a new and fantastic form language, ------- this is the direction academics support.

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