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Posted by  Per Corell on July 26, 2003 at 02:25:12:

In Reply to:  Re: SincE YoU HavE ReaD FoR OncE posted by Richard Haut on July 26, 2003 at 01:03:46:

You are quite right that sculpture and architecture could interfere more ,but then try do it with bricks. -------- Now please don't get offended, just yestoday I needed a bit fresh air and swepped down to the harbour 1 minute bike from here, and saw that Liesbkind chosen the architectural center here in Copenhagen, to put a number of different WTC on display. --------- Now as I do have a bit interest in Architecture, I was quite surprised that of all places L. chosen Copenhagen and while wondering if I shuld spend the ticked , I spended the time taking a closer look at the new Opera building that you have a perfect view about, from the perfect place in the harbour , where the danish architecture center have their house -- and Liebskinds WTC at display.
Now the Opera I mentioned already changed view atleast 6 times ; it first was discussed very heavily among copenhageners , while it started as two huge black boxes, then turned into one blue and one black, while a balcony and a scene tower was suddenly there in next plans for the site, but after what locals called a car front was scrapped , - yet another front scrapped, the building grew 2 storeages and ended up on it's way to be painted blue, then we could weld handles on it and throw it in the sea, ------- but realy ; it now look as Cockland turned 90 deg, and it is not that bad.
--------- Now this Opera was a gift from a great danish ships brooker and I guessed from the start that the color would be blue , but let's se.
Anyway we seem to redevelob russian mashine architecture just with quite some elegance but also a bit boring except from the size, but things realy changed on the way.
I decided to check the web about WTC, as while this exebition been there for a month it seem already, ------ why even bother take a look at a project, I fear don't hold the pointer to a bright future, new jobs and a new form language.
Now please don't be offended when I ask if this WTC havn't already changed from two square lattrice towers, into a lump of messy glass blue boxes , --------- then suddenly you could se, that there been made a deal about building the world's highest Tower with no use, in a shape with no idear, even the contractor keep talking about sq.feets and the traffic solutions already seem to solve a third of what need to be build ------- then why spend 20 kroner in an already close private economy, to se what was the idear a month ago.

Now last time I dealed with the danish architecture union , and the time before, I already knew the people there, ------ their extreme arogance and their silver spoon, Il'l be happy to post a few foto's about our new Opera in Copenhagen given by this nice buisnessman who finaly got the oppotunity to give the town a decent modern building, but this structure was in no competition , and if it had been what would have build would have been totaly different or atleast a third bigger, to hold a supermarked at the ground floor as planned from the start ------ arts must be self depandant Opera to, so we place a supermarked in the Opera , -------- sorry I try go on track again.

You se here come my trouble, I decided to stop fiddeling square structures, as it seem new trends in architecture all point in the same direction, --- I was simply surprised to se the lattrice towers that was then scrapped, You se that idear was quite interesting for me as I already before the attacks was occupied in the twin concept and had what you at first look would think about as "lattrice" towers.

Now what I like to ask, if if anyone in this forum think it would be worth even spending these 20 kroner, to se what was the WTC proposed a month ago, and if it's even relevant to take a Digital photo of the brand new Opera building , ------- now I know that will not change even it would be so easy to make it a true beauty, but with this in mind, and how things develobed since near two years, I still wonder , where are that pointer to a bright future, that ansver being a trust in new technology and a promise of a new economy ,as if WTC develob like our new Opera building here in copenhagen the thing will be finished . But then what.

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