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Posted by  Jim on July 26, 2003 at 15:04:52:

In Reply to:  Re: Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. posted by steveA on July 24, 2003 at 11:00:02:

Architecture is difficult for men, and it is impossible for women. Not only do women not have the spatial conception ability of men (regardless of how aided by CAD or the like), but they simply do not have an intuitive understanding of space with materials. True architecture is much different than interior design, and requires a real aptitude for engineering. Just being able to draw pretty pictures of structures is NOT enough aptitude for architecture. Today, the big social lie is that women are perfectly equal to men and so the poor girls are enticed to schools and courses that only men can realistically complete. Having the rote ability of women (as to memorize answers to questions on tests) does them well in taking care of infants -- the purpose for which women exist -- but it is not by any means the mechanism by which successful buildings are conceived and made. Due to this societal giant lie, we now have hordes of women stalking the planet determined to prove that they are the equal to men, and end up having miserable lives especially as they grow older and find that the arrogance of making lots of money is far different from haveing a loving life. Having a "Career" is not the same as having happiness, which comes from humility to accept ones station in life and live according to Godly principles, which does NOT include cravings for lots of money; that is materialism. I pity women who learn this fact of life too late, often after ruining a family where husband and children are footnotes to the ambitions of women without morals, just money = their god.

If you have any shred of character, stay home and create a good family through true Godly principles found in the Bible, and do not waste your time and damage your family by looking for fame and fortune. They are difficult for men to find, and men are designed for work outside the home, but it is realistically impossible for women since women were never designed for such pursuits. A woman will never be a man, and her satisfactions in life are different than men, and so she must not be deluded into thinking that she will find happiness in 'careers' or any other such vain pursuit; learn to be satisfied with what your husband provides for the family, and give him the love and support that he needs in return. And if you need to become an administrative assistant (secretary) then do it honestly as an end in itself, not dishonestly as a supposed 'back door' to architecture by deceiving your employer. Deceit is lying, and once one starts down that road, there is seldom a way back -- especially as self-delusion usually sets in from then on. The mere fact that you ask these questions shows that you are probably too far caught up in the greed mentality and that you have little or no character, so these words are probably lost on you and your ilk, but there is always the chance that some other young women will be able to see the lie in trying to appear to be a man and the ultimately fatal costs to her and her family's happy future.

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