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Posted by  Per Corell on July 31, 2003 at 14:05:20:

In Reply to:  Re: Safe building structures posted by Bob A on July 31, 2003 at 13:05:49:

2 Cent here and 2 Cent there ;))

There is a great difference in preasure , case a tradisional structure produce the top preasure from the vertical tubes, this would add one atm. pr. 10 meter , this is an aufull preasure in very few kilometers , in 2 Km. that is 200 atm, ------- so isn't 3D-H nice, as how the sections cover only a limited preasure , a 3D-H structure can offer one tube inside another, and that way produce a build-in excape way for any steam, but ------ wouldn't the Towers have still standed, case this had been the case ?
What else do Romans ask , they get an earthquake safe, third cost double strong new fantastic building methods , then no one want to make money.
Why even force with lazy water, just standing there, waiting for a fire that nover came, asking money for extra thick material only holding the weight of the water.
Please look at the graphic, and se the sections as sort of pipes, --- but what is difficult to understand, is that each ring, do not have the thousands of weldings, that made waterfilled steeltube structures a bad idear.
Ofcaurse you get trouble when you ask trouble, ---- doing a horisontal and vertical tubework is just that, in terms of weldings, leaks, preasure just everything. But that is not 3D-H for heavens sake, and 3D-H is different ; it is even a bad buisness to use standard extruded tubes , ------- you Romans shuld stay from pyramides they narrow your mind . EEEEH I hate this role.
I know I am a sad artist, I can ask you to watch the graphics , you just think they are great designs ; they bloody work, and you Romans asked the job ;))
Any 3D-H structure, will be stronger when secured with a water flush system, that would have saved the WTC , then the vision isn't great enough , please follow the links.
What's great about 3D-H, is that you can produce a strong forever core structure, that will be worth rebuilding, even a bomb stripped off the panels, the structure in all-supporting 3D-H will still be there, or to find as original blueprints, to be cut in sheet material in full size, ---- fireprove if you want, othervise use it for building Pyramides.
Please look again at the graphic, the strait lines you se, are the 3D-H sections forming a complete assembly for a building, with floor ,wall and all interiour frames, if you can produce enough steam for a person to get hurt, you spended a hel lot of energy to do that, and that way you Roman building still will be standing, -- why shuld I care Romans never pay .

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