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Posted by  Per Corell on August 04, 2003 at 01:43:58:

In Reply to:  Re: If you werent so arrogant.... posted by Ken on August 03, 2003 at 15:25:53:

I don't think I am arogant, but you are right that when I read about F.L.W. I never understood that this architect could be seen as being so. Realy I wondered what ansver clients othervise could get but maby it's a personal thing and a very thin line between honesty and arogance.
Most people I seen refered as Arogant from my point of view most often was just honest, ------ but there is another possibility ; people with Aspergers Syndrome often can get very good at what thy do, but their feel and understanding about social rules can be as bad as their ability to read faces, but fact is, that one way to survive for an Aspie in a social inviroment, is to be Arogant and focus on his or her strong sides , be strict and accurate , place the meaning in the words not between the lines , be very narrow minded if you want to say it like that, ----- Arogance is also used as to protect yourself, still this is not what I feel I do.
Now I have to agrea that I acturly admire the Arogant person, who know he is true and instead of in dispair give up all the details, focus on this one true mean ,to in the end place the light where most people acturly want it ; remember that nomatter the Arogant is wrong or wright , he set a caurse to use if you are right , -------- but you are right that Arogance don't work so well, where the social issue bring the results.
I agrea to be Arogant, and I hope this help explain my own situation but I don't think others are stupid, esp. as I know the values and results of the tchnikes and idears I critic, ----- but one way to develob is in the dialog, and an Arogant person will have a hard time with that.
My problem proberly is, that I want my idears to spread without I need to become a boatbuilder again ; one showing with practical and real objects, some intelectural idear. I done so for so many years and is fed up with clients that never pay, -------- But in the periods I were so lucky that I was allowed to use the arts acadamy I was also wrong placed ; I knew how to use the computers, the architects did not. When they did they produced exactly the same as with a sketch on paper , acturly I think I for years was the one in this state , that knew most and had the greatest flexibility about computers ; -------- at the same time, I found out how architects se computers, and I am very avare when I meet this point of view.

When I am most Arogant, I claim architects not to realise what tool they could reach , and when I am most arogant I point to the results, get lost in the details in these results I try prove wrong, but -- I place an alternative. Realy I want to be Arogant as that make life easyer, but you se, I was simply so disapointed about what I seen, experienced and expect when just the right pieces is in place, then when you offer somthing that is not hollow but solid you are easily seen as just Arogant.
I still think that within Architecture, Arogance have a natural place, it is simply needed while being a creative person you focus on one particular issue and everything else is of no interest, acturly you help others by sending out an easy read signal like Arogance, if you can live with all others being idiots you even get the oppotunity to work in peace, while no one want to join you ; some people realy is quite happy with that, as in their mind their house, their project, is the only one.
I don't think you find beauty without being Arogant, in Arts.

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