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Posted by  Per Corell on August 05, 2003 at 01:31:11:

In Reply to:  Re: This is not as Great as you say it is. HAHA posted by Per Corell on August 05, 2003 at 00:53:09:

Just a note.
In that old site you se two new building methods.
Back when I started with computers I soon develobed applications ( as you know I am registrated app.develober AutoCAD) to unfold surfaces from what you Architects think is top trend Bilbao meshwork , you know that technology all architects couldn't se thru 20 years ago and still think is top trend now 20 years later.
Anyway also at that time, there was engineers who said, "you can not unfold surfaces ,you must do like we do ,build with "known geometrics", this unfolding is impossible".
Well I did design a number of boats, and I build a lot , by unfolding the surfaces and transfere thru full-scale drawings to cut from the lines on these.
I been thru this before, ------- today everyone uses Full-Scale plans that everyone and esp. some charecters talked against back then .

Now I don't vorry about 3D-H work , as only very few people think it don't ; I vorry about what these charecters say and what that say about their resons to say so.

What is strange about these Jokers, is that even I can show a load of nice tradisional wooden boats I build aided by the applications I wrote for that, and even I at the site I pointed to acturly show a number of these boats, these Jokers also tried to ruin the buisness selling full-scale plans documented fully by the vessels build.
"Paper will shange size and you can't unfold surfaces from a 3D computer model " was the only ansver ; realy you guy's spend your time picking on anyone, is that your best craft, show me what you can, take up the challance and don't forget that as in the Cyber-Boat there is all the time round 1000 members, and round 10 times been around, then there alway's be one or two charecters that have their own personal resons to try make themself greater by picking on somone else , ----- as I said, today everyone use full-scale plans back then this was a tread against those selling tradisional scaled planes that worked the tradisional way that did not odder unfolded surfaces, you se competitors don't like me , I don't care as it seem they are the ones having a problem producing somthing better.
Why is it, somone find it more interesting picking on somone else, are these the artists ? ------- I thought artists was doing somthing else.

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