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Posted by  Per Corell on August 06, 2003 at 13:19:36:

In Reply to:  Re: This is not as Great as you say it is. HAHA posted by Michele on August 06, 2003 at 08:49:15:

You are quite right, but boats is not the vorse starting point for a designer. And yes I been lecturing about CAD when the boatbuilder apprench. shuld know about CAD, Im'e a registrated app. develober , spended 4 years at the architect school had 3 periodes at the states workshop ( only for profesionals ) , and I can use an airbrush.
I am a skilled carpenter, -------- but even I alway's reached a very high level of skills, I am mainly Autodidakt. As you know I say I am Designer not Architect, but with this board the oppinion of Designers shuld be relevant
I point to my work not my papers.
You write that houses is different than boats ; what kind of houses do you mean, Iglo's , farm houses, houseboats, houses in the contry or in the towns ...... ?

I se no difference they all can be designed, they don't need be weak, they can be cheaper beside they can be produced very different than today, by Digital means.
Also but I guess this is obvious, they can be maneaged much more nice, better looking or how you will express beauty. 3D-H is just a tool to provide a structure, you can make that so nice that you don't need to cover it, but then it proberly will ask just a few special fittings to be as strong as the honeycomb structure it form with surface covering fixed , then it also is a structure handeling auxileries being panneled , ---- unpaneled 3D-H will need to be more robust but can be reinforced many way's and even be used as form for concrete, that even will perform a hollow concrete tube structure, with no assembly slots. But paneled, you are free to make holes, where the nice assembly framework pattern will be seen ,and the uniform 3D-H structure is not as ugly as what concrete or steel structures you cover today, with fake brick panels. Even also these can be made nice. You can make any structure nice it's all about how you maneage production , production with sheet material ,that is all 3D-H requier, is about cutting 2D assembly sheets forming a 3D building structure is in your hand ,when it's in your head or 3D at the screen as plain Solids.
3D-H work with an idear of assembly framework ,that you can cut any shape you want you make a building in 3D volumes to generate a sense framework , you even curve buildings without acturly bending anything , 3D-H is about cost pr. cut feet steel sheet, chipwood sheet or whatever smart sheet material will be avaible. Extruded panels for 3D-H will make you a space ship ,if this is the hull you want , if you formed the that right, the core Hull will be holding the engines in an intergrated framework construction, when that is what you want, walls and floors is "carved" in the original 3D Solid forming the outher limits of whatever object you form by generating an assembly framework ; then it's as cheap as what it cost to cut 2D steel or whatever sheet material to form each assembly , ----- and that is quite cheap pr. cut feet, beside any building element is precice down hundreds of a millimeter, that's precise.
Sure this is a new building method, but what did you expect ; some old fasion lumber cutting circular saw, well that have been invented, what you need is a trust in future and progressive technology , and a Math. any 8 year old can understand ,to the extents, that anyone can project a 3D-H cabin in sheet steel framework, in a simple CAD program.
Now you don't want the kids to be able to learn advanced but easy with Digital Math. --- Romans ;))

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