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Posted by  Per Corell on August 13, 2003 at 01:58:22:

Late this month I have to visit London, We made an arangement to rent a privat flat and there be a week to relax from Pyramides .
Acturly I decided to focus on checking out Fosters new city hall, I simply decided to focus on one building only, but as I know myself better than any of you guy's would emagine from my writing about Romans , I could be in the situation , that I go there ,se what I expected, and go back "home" again, and then what about the other 5 day's.
In other words, what else in terms of modern architecture is worth checking ? ------- Now I guess you know the style I fancy, and I rather focus on one or just a _small number of buildings_ , but I realy would like to visit places that point to the future rather than the classic Icons that "everyone shuld se".
Also please emagine that I did not have the oppotunity most who studied architecture had, I must be very focused but I am not checking out the architecture to learn about architecture, this is simply not my role.
As you know, I am rather focused on structure than surface, my intentions is to realise the best or most visionary aproach to building, materials, and future , so I rather check out a telefon box or even get disapointed about the obvious lost possibilities in an othervise nice building, than spending hours with boring Tutor architecture , --- no offence but I already had enough of that just here in Dk.
Now I am not trying to invite you all to my first vacation in decades, but I trust a few of you, know what I stand for, from the discussions and will know what I shuld realise , check out, or just get the feeling about.
Im'e not looking for great attitude but rather for skilled detail and the combination of enginering and architecture ,even I know what beauty is so I rather se some true Funkis than lame attemts to fiddle expensive steel and glass just for the attitude ------- Fosters city hall is a lead about what I want to check out, but this mail is to short to describe my personal resons for that, even these is proberly different than you would think, -------- beside I am a turist and no member of any academic ,so there will be no visit at any school or anything that dirction.

Oposed those of you who had the chance to visit different places in the world being students, I never had the chance architect students profit in these terms, so I have to be very focused in my choice , ------- then if anyone is kind enough to suggest somthing, please make it _one_ building or structure only ,please restrict your suggestion like I had to , to a suggestion about the best thing and only _one_ structure , building or building complex only.

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