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Posted by  Per Corell on August 14, 2003 at 03:04:40:

In Reply to:  Re: London(OT) posted by Ashley Ward on August 13, 2003 at 16:33:19:

First thank's for the leads I recived untill now, - Il'l simply print the suggestions and se how things develob, so I am very happy for the response.
Now I am a bit confused though if what you name "GLA" is the Foster city hall I set as first priority ? , ------- my own oppinion about "that, is quite divided. But generaly I am facinated how the structure express a wish of expanding the tradisional forms used in architecture ,even my personal resons is to know if the forms are a result of new materials and methods, or how honest the design tread the options with the materials.
Now halve baked theories isn't well translated from danish to english/american , and I am not sure I will even publish the results of this visit, as I proberly will end up with a simular structure, that as you guess, will yet another time, prove somthing about a new building method , yes I guess I will se for myself, how this would have performed in 3D-H ; ------ but I se it this way, that it is the materials, technology and structural options, that must form experimental architecture. From my point of view Sydney Opera proved this by the fact how the architect develobed the structure in a process, and that way develobed the perfect result in all degrees. I know that I proberly will be visiting a structure, where it maby is so, that the materials been underlined the intentions with the forms, -- this is almost the opposite of what I try develob -- but se ; I am already starting to critic somthing I havn't seen ;))

Still as I already pointed out, I will not be there to pick a smart idear there and another fine detail there , it maby even become a depressing adventure where I be left as so often before, with a feeling about a tradisional structure covered , just to add another surface covering the fact, that underneath and by core the will, no one dare, or no one even have the emagination, that solid quality origine in the detail. --------- Hope I prove wrong though.

For me the challance is in the material and form, here Fosters city hall could point out to me, just how far you can expect building elements to be produced , in order to assemble a structure with an advanced geometric form and I proberly will se the limitations there and the options in my mind ; if this is so difficult within the tradisional mind of builders, that it have been a fight against the assembly parts ,or if the only way have been to beat the materials into standards ,guess you se why I call myself designer ----- maby confused, but as you know there are other attitudes, so you don't need to fight the materials , maby I will be even more critic about this structure, but proberly in that case, from other resons than architecture critics would be, --- as what I be looking for, deal with details .

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