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Posted by  James Wells on August 15, 2003 at 13:20:43:

I need suggestions on how to find 5-10 founding team members for a new Architecture Firm, or where I can find an existing start-up team to join (as a contributing start-up partner, not as a gopher employee):

I am in the process of designing a team-oriented approach to getting started in an architectural practice. My idea is to find a group of 5 to 10 registered Architects with complementary skills who can pool (intellectual) resources to create a viable small Architectural firm capable of winning institutional projects.

The team members should fit the following profile: They should all be registered architects who:

1) Want to start their own practice, but

2) Prefer doing larger Institutional work: Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Labs, Airports, or Government office buildings, and realize

3) That only collaborative team work combined with (talent &) at least 12 years of experience (Rather than solo efforts) will lead to success in the institutional market,

4) And that solo efforts will limit one's practice to the (difficult and litigious) single-family residential market

5) Realize that the current Architectural Firm job market has very few opportunities (of any kind) for intermediate-level younger Architects (age 35-50) with 10 to 18 years of experience

6) May not be currently working for anyone, and are actively looking for new opportunities

7) Will pool all intellectual assets (full-time) on marketing for new institutional projects and then collaborate on delivering to clients on time.

8) Will locate in an appropriate major city such as, Miami, LA, NYC, SF, San Diego, etc. close to the client base

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