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Posted by  Per Corell on August 16, 2003 at 03:05:07:

In Reply to:  Re: Steel yields before failure, while remaining solid, not liquid posted by cvengr on August 15, 2003 at 22:12:21:

You are quite right, beside if you fill water in a thin Alu pot and place it in the middle of a furious fire, the easy melting Alu will be safe , as long as it contain water to transform the heat into steam,-------- a process asking huge amounts of heat energy.
Often steel bubes been used with concrete fill but this is in a world where steel are profiles rather than being enginered with avaible technology, to handle more than one function only.
What would acturly save a steel structure better than it being designed to be water flushed, ----- sure now again to ansver you would proberly point to the obvious problems in terms of water preasure and cost of transforming a tradisional steel profile assembly into a structure that would restand any fire, by leading away the heat, --------- but please realise that sure this is both expensive and difficult with the tradisional vire about steel upright and vertical members ; but would you then accept a graphic and a few simple calculations acturly solving the problems that you maby think is impossible to solve ; well maby with tradisional Lego-thinking and dead-end vertical- horisontal, but not with 3D-H. As that is Totaly different.
Steel is perfect building material alone or combined with others, but just becaurse the tradisional horisontal and vertical steel framework must be assembled in a way that make it impossible or extreamly expensive with no positive side effects to fireprove with the most obvious means, only indicate that it is the fundamental assembly idear carry it's own limitations. What I been trying with 3D-H, is to point to specific limitations in our set of minds, ----- doing that is a most difficult task, while those who know about materials very often "se" a steel structure as an assembly of ready made profiles ; then even to emagine a steel structure, where the profiles are all replaced with ready cut members in only sheet material, forming the same building elements, but with a different aproach to both structural issues and production , ask an open mind and will for new jobs and a brighter future.

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