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Posted by  Per Corell on August 18, 2003 at 02:14:52:

In Reply to:  Re: "Green Building Materials" Versus "Embodied Energy+Health Risks" posted by Harry Pasternak on August 17, 2003 at 23:17:55:

No I have a very simple mind, I think today's architecture applications is a dead end, and I say so as I know what it say in the code and what options is avaible if you are not stuck in architecture as a social game.
It's proberly nice and quite true to calculate from a measure and make sure you can pass a dump place without being covered with flying plastic bags a windy day, but "green" is more than the materials and what architect care about other than his 20 pct.
You realy need an ideology to be a "green" architect ; then when the intire world think about Geostatic Domes and Hay blocks as only charectistic for a green architect, -------- I rather stay with relevant critic about Lego-Thinking and "high-tech" as like 20 years ago, and acturly put up a vision about somthing true new.
Case you want true new technology , would you then think, that placing Lego-Block ontop Lego-Block , just to be able to "draw" ready made walls from standard Lib. ,with ready attached brick tapestry is this ?
Do you think it shuld be somthing "new" to rewrite the old calculations into a database program, make sure that when you place another wall, that now it's volume are registrated as soon as placed in the drawing , is this somthing new, well it's not it's just as how architects alway's made sure the right amount of doors are ordered while having check on the profit. Are we talking grosery or architecture.
The "better" the houses bacame with high-tech Lego-Mind materials, the more expensive they became ; is this the Vision for Jamaica to.
I don't think you know 3D-Honeycomb , maby you have not opened your mind for a method that offer a 3D assembly pattern offering a cheaper, stronger and in terms of architecture a complete new form language, that need no cover but work well without, but atleast sheck what it acturly say in the computer code of top-trend architectural applications ; it say "stay with the old" , it say "architecture is a social game", and it say "cover up what you can't grasp".
Then if you know 3D-H , try be as critic towerds the settled trends as with new Visions about new jobs, true new technology, and a Math. to be understood by an 8 year old, and please ask yourself, what is so enginious placing one brick ontop another ; you just end up with another Pyramide being the top Vision of old Lego-Thinking .

3D-H is different, it represent a trust in technology and an option to build a house at a third the cost four times as strong ; bad that architects think this will minimise their earnings, bad that architects can't use the computer in a flexible creative process where pressing a button bring each and every building block assembly, bad that this is easy to prove being done at a third the cost , --- bad it's one of these day's where I use to many words.

3D-H is perfect building cheap houses without compromises , 3D-H would not bring slum as bad as you se with metal roofs and plywood walls, atleast 3D-H can bring a core structure for very little money, you even be able to design it so that it will bring a more healty house ------- but what architect would ever start to redesign slum houses.

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