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Posted by  Per Corell on August 19, 2003 at 01:33:04:

In Reply to:  Re: Let me ask it this way : posted by The Owl on August 18, 2003 at 14:05:35:

This was not the question.
If you realy check the graphics, you will know that I am not talking about thin paper , and please remember that my issue is obviously not what you think.
I do not know the picture that blocks your mind, but again when they started making ships in steel, the majority said they would sink instantly ; can steel float ?
When the guy tried to sell the first submarine, it was not sold.

I think you make the discussion deal about personal issues, and forget that only argument you have left, is that sheet material is thin ; well 3D-H do not bast the strength on the strength of a thin surface like a cheap or small boat , -------- it is like you se one word and stop reading, I wonder if you even check the links or what your deal acturly are.

Surely arts is a social game, ------- one play is to throw dirt and somone stink ; the one you hit ; isn't this how it alway's worked, now some picture blockes your mind and you are pleased with that, but this picture make you ever compleatly forget my question, why is this so important for you ?

Isn't what you are doing, to hit on some Hippie and try to get the rest of the crowd to follow you , what picture do you acturly carry in your mind ; ships in steel did prove to sail and you never comment graphics where 99 pct. others can se that the idear obviously work,
Among those F.A.A. that point to the method as an attractive building methid for small commersial and beach planes ( no no please don't say that F.A.A. said that you can build big commersial planes , but you my friend is out for a surprise :))

Now the idear is acturly described easily even describing how you would make a card house ; try build one with only horisontal and vertical cards. No no don't place "walls" 90 deg to the vertical ones that's cheating . Now try again to build a card house but this time lean the vertical ones up against eachother in pairs and place a horisontal deck for each layer ; now _that_ work. --------- Then ask yourself what card house work best.

They sais steel ships couldn't float, isn't this the picture in your mind that keep you from seing or even understand how floors and walls grow as by magic with the graphic at the top,

Two questions ; what is acturly wrong with the graphic at the top, what's wrong pressing a button and have _each_ member generated from a simple algoritm to form somthing that will be ten times the trouble to build with tradisional means ?

What is "wrong" redrawing Fosters or Libskinds WTC into a different and with the production equipment avaible today more relevant building technike ?

Ps. ------- why do you claim somthing about a soda ,what I talk about is the strait opposite of depending on the strength of a thin surface like a small or cheap boat, realy I think you never opened your mind and that , not the options with a true new Digital Direct link building method, that bring _anything_ else, than the thin shell.
Maby I shuld take your mail and take line for line and point to what I _never said, that you obviously misread .

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