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Posted by  Jan Orfe on September 04, 2003 at 17:20:03:

In Reply to:  Re: One owl to another posted by Obvious on July 16, 2003 at 02:09:55:

At this critical point in the competition we can only guess the incredible variety of design concepts the 13-member jury is called to sift and suffer through ... 5,200... one at a time. Since I am not a professional artist, the concept portion of my presentation board had to be worded
as precisely as possible in support of the artwork. Indeed, it was a heartfelt vision I summarized. Yet I fear points will be deducted (or is it dots?) from my two-dimensional bird's eye illustration. What few actual sketches I managed to render, still I am filled with unease that those concepts submitted with the aid of computer 3-D imaging will prove more of an advantage, i.e., less time and trouble needed to guide someone like myself during Phase II, assuming I even make it past the initial process of elimination. Do I desire to be one of the five or so finalists? Are you kidding. Of course I do. My memorial vision more than satisfies their Mission, Guidelines, and Program Elements -that is not my deepest concern. I've read all that I could find regarding Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial, to hear in her own words the symbolism she believed would convey the essential meaning of an unpopular conflict in Southeast Asia, the loss of 58,000-plus American soldiers, and her avoidance of any political or religious content. In my opinion, every element in her design is a fitting one.
I envy her sensitivity and insight. Yes,
I know, she is one of the jurors. But that's not why I spent hours searching the web learning why her memorial was so successful, while many have fallen short of their primary purpose and meaning. Given the facts of 9/11, but more importantly, the tragic loss of innocent civilians on American soil -by an act of terrorism we have yet to fully comprehend -what exactly will the jury define as a
"fitting" memorial? In conclusion, here are a few things I would not include in
my attempt to honor those 3,022 souls:

Not another long list of names upon a polished black granite wall. The victims
deserve individual recognition within the context of being part of a special group,
that is, Americans who shared in common the principles of Freedom and ideals of democracy.

Not a pedestrian walkway crossing the
hallowed ground. As much as I can under-
stand people wanting to save travelling time (for whatever reasons), a horozontal walkway would seriously conflict with the
symbolic need for certain elements to rise above the pit.

I would not get carried away with too
much water, albeit a symbol of life and healing. Perhaps a fountain. But no cascading or vast pools of water, since Libeskind's waterfall provides the right touch, if incorporated into the overall design intelligently. The visitor at this particular site, I believe deserves a
quiet, unabtrusive place to reflect upon
their personal loss or simply deal with
what our nation has suffered since 9/11.
I envision the pit as a familiar place, not unlike a room in their house filled with a life of memories.

Speaking of 9/11, we will find out soon enough who the finalists are and
what those 13 jurors deem as fitting and appropriate. Best of luck to you all.


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