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Posted by  Per Corell on September 07, 2003 at 23:53:18:

In Reply to:  Re: The indications of architecture/MARS posted by Clayton Spencer Ireland on September 07, 2003 at 22:49:59:

For the last few weeks Mars have been the brightest "star" seen in the sky and there are several probes already 3D measuring this planet.
Among the technologies this have brought is automatic generated 3D representations working so well, that the next thing you will expect, will be Digital camaras that generate a virtural space while you walk around with the camara working, --------- acturly this already work in a few applications with several camaras placed in known posisions and simple matrix calculations , and it seem that these technologies , already work, bringing a total 3D world, from the images of just one camera lens ------- so soon architects must replace their new Digital gadged with another one , even more advanced , calculating a 3D image from satelite posision and direction of the camera lens. But in terms of architecture gravity is one issue that realy challance your mind ; if there is water on Mars, how will a boat there perform ; will it float higher or sail faster with less gravity or will things just be the same while the hull have less weight as have the water ?
From my point of view, what is needed, is not expeditions where man walk around in space but ready build structures , before anyone go there. Automated building with avaible materials , robots and simple building technikes to be done by one-function robots ; you can't send bricklayers into space. Being serious, I would emagine rock material, that after all is just silica, to form in crystalic formations proberly different than we are used to with a different gravity, ---------- but how to discuss matters like this ; englishmen still claim that the earth middle is glowing , red-hot Iron even no ferro substance come with most vulcano's , from my point of view this idear seem to origine from late 18' century england as why shuld the earth be filled with red-hot Iron ?
Acturly , and as no one realy know, ----- it shuld be just as obvious that the planets are bobbles of anti matter, forming matter on it's surface ,making a reson why so different stuff is created with Vulcano's , why minerals is so different distribuated.
Realy the earth could be just a bubble of perfectly ballanced anti matter just like air bobles in water , aswell as all the other planets and the sun , ------ where shuld it fall and under all circumstances ,with the temperture you would expect I wonder if plasma wouldn't be the only thing that could happen at core of the earth.

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