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Posted by  Clayton Spencer Ireland on September 08, 2003 at 10:36:48:

In Reply to:  Re: The indications of architecture/MARS posted by Mat on September 08, 2003 at 00:33:19:


"I saw a really good documentary on Discovery channel once. It started off drawing a whole pile of parallels between pyramids around the world and then showing how the these similarities were easily explained (sun angles, gravity, the typical lifespan of a 'king', materials, population etc etc). These things were all important aspects of how and why the structures were designed and built the way they were. I suppose I am suggesting you try and justify the structures you show here with similar concerns."

Actually a lot of study has been done,Sir,in regards to this possibility of Ruins.
Including a possible Monolithic monument to a past "KING" or deity.
This is of Course the world famous "Face on Mars"
What is New is My discovery of the Square Complex and I am still in the process of Analysing it and awaiting new Images It has been Imaged Twice already @ 100 meters per pixel and am still hoping to find High resolution images from other spacecraft.

This SQUARE has been Unlocking the orientation of a Majority of these land forms as It is aligned to the All the Axis' of Multiple apparent ruins.In fact I believe it Controls the Orientation of all others.
I Must tell you some of these structures absolutely DWARF Earth analogues.

To rectify this region to a Vertical(North/south) Axis the images must be rotated 33.3 degrees to the right .

Incredible geometry and Symmetry await you to study if You are interested.My Aim is to gather analysis to present to NASA so they will land Probes and investigate within the next decade.
NASA is well aware of this Region and has been "FORCED" by researchers like myself to re-image this area.WE now want Probes and future manned missions to be Directed there.

Before they will Commit to This endeavour,They need a Damn Good reason to land There.Myself and Other researchers are slowly nearing that paradigm shift that will Force further inspection.
As I state:
This Square was discovered a year ago and is Quietly revolutionizing the Study of this region by My and Others Efforts.
I am now approaching the the architecture/design community to help analyse these structures.
Some studies have scientifically concluded that these structures are billion to one odds of being natural,as opposed to artificial...Got your attention yet Sir?

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