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Posted by  Per Corell on September 17, 2003 at 03:07:01:

In Reply to:  Re: How did your WTC Memorial Turn Out? posted by anonymous on September 17, 2003 at 01:34:08:

Do you think comma's and punctuation is what Visions is about ?
I know a guy who is proberly the brightest fotografa in denmark , he can hardly spell in danish even he is a dane. I know a painter who have drunk halve his brain out his head, and he still produce paintings that leave no doubt about the tallent nothing seem to be able to destroy, he simply make so good paintings. --- but he don't write academics, he do his trick, and make his paintings do the speaking and spelling. -------- they are all full of new words and beauty anyone can reconise .
What do you realy expect ; the most arogant architects don't even know how to work a computer, then how do you expect them to realise the new tools. And instead of having a new generation of young architects show their skills, and love for beauty, architects that omit the need for structure, find it their right to hount the engineers to solve the enourmous structural problems with angled clueless attitude architecture, instead.
The battle have turned from bringing the true Vision, into a battle of names and old against new ; the antike attitude of a master architect against the refreshing new that do not slave the technology to be the servant of academic correctness and boring hunt for a lookalike of the new technologies that the architects don't even bother to realise.
So many years after Sydney, the academics still don't realise, that to bring art you do not need to be an academic, still what they worked into perfection, is clueless and meaningless attitude architecture that give a damn about structural issues and architectural detail. As if post modern architecture isn't boring enough , as if this havn't already proven what lack of detail and lack of thruout feel and disrespect for the actural creative process havn't already showed the reson for the fall of the visions in Le.Corb and other Visionary artists , ------- that unfortuatly did not have the tools we have today. Instead architects work protecting a stiffened industrie that give a damn about Visions as long as they can sell their products by offering the architect a higher persenteage, than the not so plesant life of artists that give a damn about profit but not about beauty and progress or honesty.
Now I know this attitude from the few contests I participated, Some arogant idiot that scrap your 3 month's of work as "the rules say" that the arears must be written on this particular piece of paper ; the arears for a 3D model, that prove any arear in a 3 dimensional drawing ?

Atleast ,even new technologies is a challance most old generation architect do all they can to protect them against, atleast give the new Vision a chance to produce cheap and strong houses. Don't throw dirt and asy it stink while this offend the academic rigidwork.

Yes this is how things work, Academics rather have one of their own who can spell and place the right punctation, than new Visions and a demand for knowing the material and feel about the forms. Or even new technologies for the benefit for all, even the companies that develobed the processors and software.
But you can leave it all behind, once again you can be the man you want to be, again you can be free, and tear the chains of mind, -- only then you will se the Vision, then you will know the ansver.

Punctation never made the art, but it surely will kill the Vision.

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