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Posted by  Matt Gallagher on September 24, 2003 at 13:45:33:

In Reply to:  Re: Skytrain-Station posted by Brian Parker on September 23, 2003 at 18:08:11:

Lets see... Where do I begin to tell you how flawed this morons
beligerant ramblimgs are.

1. "promises in a direct link production method"
This guy thinks he invented cad to production methods.
He is living in the dark, because it exists already, and he didnt invent it.

2. This jerk boasts his crappy drawings but when asked about the analytical aspects of his engineering, he never answers...
This taken from someone elses post, of who he never responded...

"Even if half true, every contractor and design-build team worldwide would clamor to your door.

Perhaps I don't understand your meaning. If I describe the strength of a material in a second order tensor of second rank, exactly how does your method operate on the tensor to reinforce requisite strengthes in the appropriate directions?

Secondly, if 4 times as rigid in those directions, and now pinned, how do you handle deformation and expansion/contraction forces?

Thirdly, Most materials fail in shear and codified assemblies tend to promote componentized partitions of the structure, so as to allow tradesmen to construct the structures with only a smattering of engineering intuition. How does your method promote safety in construction, whereas current methods seem to be well formed to accomodate this aspect of feasibility.

Fourth, Once constructed, maintenance seems more convoluted and costly and again nearly requiring professional guidance for the most mundane repairs.

Intuitively, I tend to think somebody has simply become infatuated with finite element analytical tool appearances, while having some experience with poprivets and sheet metal. In some situations, very nice. As a panacea, LEGO Blocks are also very functional."

3. He knows nothing of architecture, maybe he should post in an engineering forum.

4. He had his crappy designs well before the wtc fell. He thinks he can just "plug in" his ugly buildings" (the one he made of the 2 towers is just sad)

5. His arrogance just sucks so bad. Everytime someone criticises his crappy drawings, he cries "that we dont understand" or he offends all architects by saying none of us know.

6. spatial considerations non-existentant

7. Ratio of usable space vs structure, non-economical.

8. Ask this guy for joinery details or its cladding, you wont get answers.

I won't be lead by the blind. Including this guy with his empty concepts and misguided unproven methods. It fails on so many levels in its engineering, and the architecture is awful. I dont buy it. If he werent so arrogant, then maybe I wouldnt attack the asshole personally. He speaks as if the whole world is living in the dark, when it is him, who knows less then he thinks.

I havent even touched the surface as to why this guy is an idiot, shall I go on?

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