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Posted by  Per Corell on September 25, 2003 at 11:00:39:

In Reply to:  Re: THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION posted by Richard Haut on September 25, 2003 at 09:19:55:

You are quite right.
My vorse hassle is to presave that my critic is ment in a positive direction, even a lot of myth's about architecture fact is houses get build , -- even I think they could be even nicer.
With WTC I never quistion who is the architect, still this is why I get so boring, repeating that I am a designer, not an architect.
Realy I think it's a nice feature, being able to produce a train station at much lover cost , my vorse battles is about making old grain hippies, realise that boy's play boy's games , and the leftwing made the police talk about softgun "weapons" , that for heavens sake is weak weapons, that will drown you in eco or plastic balls, so weak the duck say "WAF" and get terrible scared , rather than a softball bullit not being the perfect training for focusing, ------- True mr.Per Corell is realy not fighting the rigid steel industrie, but is protecting his youngest son, while he is interested in weapons.
I make the trick with a weapon he know not at all, is a weapon, and get the feel of the weight.
I understand the police, that could take these kids, being real weapon, but then forbid it, and make your boy or girl, buy a cheap air gun ,feather gun, with lead bullits; like that better ??

But this I must agrea ,I must make better drawings, to achive my goals, guess beauty is worth another try ----- I could not make a wtc or a wtc station projecting, even any engineer would se the train station quite cheap , what do you want me to do ------- just shut up, well maby next time.
Can anyone emagine that things can be so nice, that that mean all ???

About Matt's offence , I don't blame this as long as things make sense, direct link Digital building methods must mean a great difference, -------- my hope, is that there acturly exist people, who love one of my designs , they can have that cheap if they want to explore the options with just direct link building methods, that will place an universal joint, wherever you cut the framework, to get it thru into where it must be, to make the structure 4 times stronger ;))

Now I try not to just point fingers I rather show a relevant solution , that this shuld be a new building method and that any project will profit from anything else than a change in building method is maby to far a goal, for somone who develob building methods You Romans never was able to share or divert the complete opposide , and allow others than your expertations to show what you want.
1932 or 2003 the same svine the same saints.
Anyway the architecture debate shuld be greater than it is now, Please shuldn't a train station be a fair show, anyone can se 3D-H will make it much stronger, also more digital in terms of direct link production, make me wonder about the artist phenomenea , as these don't use to be sober :((
An old greenland woman shouted at us list time we shot from the closed school playground, where we must fly caused quittled hippies and emty bottles. This almost frighten me about the promised options with cheap building methods, is that the thing is strong and cheap ;))
Guess what ; we survived the south London pover outfall and experienced another covering middle Denmark up round Bergen . sorry not the north german Dutch net, that made the remain denmark untoughed, those hours denmarks capital was Aarhus ;))
Just a few day's ago, before the raging worm posting me halve error and halve virus mails . ------- after pover outfall, servers was to be restalled, and know what, oyr aincient ADSL modem started an automatic re alive , even I already ordered a new modem, ---- Thousands of mainly old fasion modems according specific american company , what do I care maby heaven is living a plesant life, knowing a truth , maby the truth even be god , but I know this Digital thing will bring us there , exactly where we want when we are mature to master those tools knowleage and vision provide.

Anyway some maby think I take this very serious and maby to serious, and maby they are right it's my choice to start drawing a house, or vaste that energy, discussing how to or maby esp. whereabout , ----- this much trouble, to be aloved to project somthing that so easy can be real, in solid sheet steel . Then you Romans suggest this is about millimeter and Inch right.

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