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Posted by  Per Corell on September 30, 2003 at 03:27:59:

In Reply to:  It just gets worse; so farewell posted by Rog the Dodge on September 29, 2003 at 12:28:36:

There are a few things that make this forum worth joining or reading, in some periods you are right that the vorse of usenet mix up with the vorse of the web but this is a live forum and with the solid work og Kevin , and just a handfull of people contributing , this forum for most periods been among the most valuable knowleage bases on the web.
I think it is very important to remember that when you write what is on your mind and acturly share your knowleage, 9 out of 10 will just read your article and enjoy , as even we often discuss important issues we do so in a relaxed way, we get to know many more details than we reconise , get a better feeling about the real difference in various building cultures also the small things that make up the world even most here proberly rather change all that, with somthin new and sound , then even the vorse of us, need the reminder that we are just building ontop somthing, that also crumbled over time.
You know that for me personaly , much been a not alway's positive experience, about what drive what happen in the arts world. But please don't forget , that without people who acturly know what they are talking about, ramgate architecture could lose it's direction , that without somone to tell us what things realy shuld about , we often blind ourself to the qualities that for most , was among the original drive , the reson to even deal with architecture, -------- the few moments when somone remind you that beauty was here before and that if no one continue the fight for it, it will vanish .
I agrea that I alway's saw the beauty in the structure, not on the surface. That I must reconise the strenght of a structure almost before I decide if it is nice or just boring, or even vorse expressing somthing it is not. And literly everything I write deal with these issues. A mail like your's alway's make me wonder if I now done it again ; proclamed that this small corner shuld be more important than any other within the architecture, forgetting what the foundations I build on is, ------ or was.
So even I reconise what you say, it make me a bit sad , sad becaurse I know things could be so much better, --- and if there is somthing this forum don't need, it is to lose the best writers.
Also please know, that a lot of people these weeks already fight what could be the total breakdown of our high-tech highway ; I reciver up round 500 spam mails a day, and the e-mail system now hand out mails that is not posted to your address, by somone who never posted these mails. Error messeages float the other direction and in my mailbox halve the mails are server posts telling, that mails I did not post, could not be recived as the reciver do not exist, but even my name is not on the sender part of the mails I am told that the mails I did not post, could not be recived.
So I guess that a lot of the people reading this forum only read , and very few ansver , but the forum shuld not lose the best writers.

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