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Posted by  Per Corell on October 04, 2003 at 03:43:39:

In Reply to:  Where is Per Corel when you need him posted by Bob A on October 03, 2003 at 13:37:33:

Origami is very specialiced and work form a special system where a few standard technikes produce a complicated object. --- Like the ropework you se in old maritime tradision is only , like any sailers knot , based on two basic forms of knots , the halve knot and the full knot ( sorry if this don't refere the english terms) , but even the most complicated knots is acturly "build up" from just two basic knots. -------- Now I agrea that I know more about rope work than Origami , but there is one major difference between 3D-H and Origami, and that is that with 3D-H you do not ever bend one single piece, where with Origami I understand it so, that you do nothing but bending the sheets.
Now I also seen the tread but decided not to burst into just any tread to promote 3D-H, but you are right that it could be a good advise to check a few of esp. the early 3D-H structures ,but on the other hand know, that Origami is it's own artform where with 3D-H you have a different attitude. Both deal with sheets , but where "Sheet" in 3D-H can be a 3 feet deep and 8 feet wide concrete "sheet" or a steel "tube" that show as anything else than a standard extruded tube profile ( please don't confuse any form of tube in a 3D-H , with the standard type of extruded steel tubes , as 3D-H have only one material and that is sheet material, and in that concept "tubes" is produced not taken from shelf, -------- while tubes in 3D-H can vary in measures even you don't se this right away from a plan ).

Guess you already se why I rested my Pony with just this issue , but I guess that now you know a bit more about the different attitude, you could check out some of the simpler 3D-H assembly frameworks ; with a printer or plotter and a can of display mount, 3D-H structures is as exiting as Origami or Rope .

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