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Posted by  Per Corell on December 27, 2003 at 05:21:06:

In Reply to:  Re: Its a great day to be alive! posted by Richard Haut on December 23, 2003 at 03:04:24:


As how things worked for hundreds of years, how is it possible not to agrea.
But just round a month ago, I was contacted by a firm that shuld use CAD drawings to perform a loft, in a public building ----- quite some extravagant project where you would think, that the tools used, shuld be top modern, pointing the direction of Direct-Link production, but what did I find ; reverse-engineering.

Once again I recived a bunch of primitive 2D plan drawings, 14 all together, not tradisional top-side-front sections, but sections taken, as how you slice a cake ----- a horseshoe shaped building measured from a center and distribuated in 14 seperat drawings where the architect used the paper edge as X axis. Realy here in Dk they think they must go to germany, to have a load of 2D drawings made into a false 3D one with text and dimensions no production mashine would need anyway, but i 3 day's I solved the puzzle, and stepped one step further back, in my expertations about danish architects.
Now they showed how bad they do with computers , ----- they acturly first builded the place with the tradisional means, and then they re-measured the result and made that into CAD drawings.
Now to make it even vorse a few of the drawings was out of measure, but I guess they think fiddeling is the same as CAD, ---- but anyway after 3 full day's I changed 14 lame 2D drawings into one 3D drawing, consisting of 14 2D drawings in one big mess of text and dimensions.
----- The cilings was placed at each section as 7 lame green lines, and these shuld from those guy's idears, be what is needed to revolusionise architecture ,to be able to perform the building compoment directly from the CAD drawing ; true but not with reverse-engineering, as I could se from the zig-zag lines, left from the architects way of treading 2D CAD.
Well , ----- I hope that architecture will realise, that ships of Iron acturly can float and is stronger than those of wood. That engines can be placed in the air even they are heavier than air, and that the direction of hippie works end nowhere and is a dead-end road.
------- No new jobs come from rewriting the old rutines into fast computer code, no new jobs come when the carpenters school can only find one master for one pupil out of ten who want to work and learn being a carpenter, a bright future right ? Just using the new technologies to support dead sick oldfasion ones, that's not high-tech it's protectivism based on ignorance.

Now please recive my best wishes, but please don't replace with lookalikes ; you need more drive than just the wish to be a great architect, still 3D-H build from plain sheet materials, somthing four times as strong ; ----- sorry I can only leave this one graphic, acturly this structure change expression all way round and I would have liked to show more, but then it will be a long story .
All best wishes.

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