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Posted by  M on January 13, 2004 at 15:32:57:

I spent over $3,000 for a single seat for the software and found that I could have purchased another companies product that performed as well if not superior to AutoCAD for under $500, INCLUDING INCREADABLE 3D RENDERING AND RASTER IMAGE MANIPULATION (some packages are very intuitive and will automatically create very nice architectural renderings with just a few simple input clicks). To get this same power out of AutoDesk I could not get the LT version and I would have had to pay more money and get an additional AutoDesk software package. In fact there are some products on the retail shelf that are under $200 that do better with 3D than AutoCAD AND do automatic BOMís.

I have competitors who are using the cheaper software, and with its graphics capabilities and production efficiencies they are able to under bid me while providing a superior product.

I had a chat with a 3D designer who said that although the other products were good the background data and process to get to the end product were inferior to AutoCAD. I had to chuckle because outside of his dream world an in the real world the client is not interested in your ability to manipulate CAD and how you got to the end result, they want a good product and they want it quick and cheap.

What really has tipped my scale and thus this ranting is that I am looking at closing my office because I am unable to compete and am unable to sell the software per AutoDesk terms to help pay my debts. I am stuck with $3,000+ worth of software that I will not use.

I have used AutoCAD since Ver. 10 and within the last 2 years have learned, in my opinion, that it is an overpriced, peacock product that is fast being outpaced by more intuitive, cross formatable, and cheaper software packages. In my opinion AutoDesk had better stop strutting on historical market dominance and work to develop one good product at a lower price AND AS IMPORTANT work with those who purchase the product to allow them to recover cost if going bankrupt or having to close an office. For goodness sakes, offer a buy back at least if they want to keep the software off the market, they can afford it!

If someone were to ask me today about buying AutoDesk software I would say "run away, run as fast as you can". Start by reviewing less expensive and more intuitive products, pay close attention to the license agreement, and then if you need something AutoCAD has evaluate just how bad you need it before you buy it.

I fell for a product name and historical experience with a product instead of looking around. In the end it is my own fault.

Thats all I gotta say bout that!

Burned to the tune of $3,000+

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