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Posted by  Dr Gordon W Drew on February 23, 2004 at 02:51:15:

Published Paper:Functional Formism:Gordon W Drew,Ph.D.
Reference Dated:21st Febuary,2004.

FUNCTIONAL FORMISM:The Dictate and Reveal of Primary Function and Formative Expression.
IN EXPOSITION:That embracing interpretative philosophy and applied expression,i.e.:
Subject Function and Environmental Sphere.
Primary and Elemental Planning and Evolved Design.
Functional Aesthetics:primary,secondary and integrant elements.
PRESENTIVE RESEARCH:Theoretical Treatise in demonstrative combination with conceptual and applied interactive Computerised Presentation.
SUBJECTIVE EXAMPLES AND REPRESENTATIVE WORKS:in principle and ideative broad respect,variously:

The Chair:anthropo(function)-form reveal.
A Stairway:anthropo(function)-formed reveal.
An Astronomical Telescope &c. with universal operation movement:hemispherical reveal.
An Industrial Installation/Storage &c. with overhead crane facility:
rectangular defined-parallelepipedon.
A freestanding(mounded)Bulk Storage Facility with central head-feed mechanism:conic section-form reveal.
A River Bridgeway affording road and river traffic passage:dual function reveal.

Theatre at Epidauros,Greece.(Polykleitos)
Stadio San Sero/Giuseppe Meazza,Milan.(Ulisse Stacchin-original appointed architect)
Astronomical Domed Observatory.
Guggenheim Museum,New York.(Frank Lloyd Wright)
Chilled Water Plant Addition,Cambridge,Massachusetts.(Ellengweig
Ecological Centre Project,Cornwall,UK.(Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners)-
Site/Environmental Dictate:transparent,randomwise conglomerate-domed reveal.
RAF Fylingdales Early Warning Station,North Yorkshire,UK.(MoD/USDD).
Original Building(s)-housing universal directional radar antenna:
spherical reveal.
Replacement Building-housing an arrangement of fixed direction radar
antennae:pyramidic reveal.
Transporter Bridge,Middlesbrough,UK.(Dr David Anderson)
Newport Bridge,Middlesbrough,UK.(Cleveland Bridge and
Engineering Co.Ltd.)
Millenium Bridge,Gateshead,UK.(Wilkinson Eyre Architects)
Tower Bridge,London.(Horace Jones)
Swing Bridge,Whitby,North Yorkshire,UK.(Whitby Urban District Council)
International Space Station,Earth Orbit.(ESA/NASA)

Gordon W Drew,Dip.Arch.,M.Arch.,Ph.D.
Whitby,North Yorkshire,England:21-2-2004.

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