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Posted by  nothing matters and what if it did on March 15, 2004 at 08:51:10:

In Reply to:  whats the need of architecture anyway posted by star on March 13, 2004 at 00:32:30:

You wrote: 'architects are different'...
Yes you are correct! I've been once told that architects are a "different breed of cat"

'they do things differently'-somewhere to prove the above mentioned phrases right, havent we taken the wrong path ....just for the heck of it?
We follow and design what the market will bear and will also pay for. Sometimes we do things differently, most times not...especially not just to prove for the heck of it? Mostly because of budget, schedule, technology, client needs or many other different factors.

architects were and are still not very well recognized, well maybe in comparison to a doctor or an engineer......
Dr. Kovorkian, Dr. Doolittle or Engineer Bob as opposed to say Sir Norman Foster? Lets see...I guess your assumptions are correct again!

due to the attitude of people ....and to retaliate and to save our face we use these phrases as a barrier.....
You must be of asian By the way, I've never used these phrases...and I still do have my face!

also when people dont recognize the need of an architect , they are not completely wrong....
Yes and they are not completely right either. Thats a 50-50 crap shoot. Some like it hot and some not.

centuries ago when there was no tag or label available that blah blah is an architect people did manage to survive and in more than decent conditions.....
no labels as you know them by, but Yes and they are still managing to survive throughout the world today in many different conditions...some decent, some not so decent.

we have millions of examples of such civilizations who just taking the help of commonsense erected complete civilizations, keeping in mind the sun n wind pattern without the sophesticated gizmos which we have today......
Go see those gizmos in action at Arcosanti, and view one of these civilized examples for yourself firsthand. They might even let you stay and explore some of your theories to prove them right!

we boast of designing a building differently cause we are architects.....hah!........any views?

Most success in business comes from the almighty ego. If you find success in designing buildings, it mostly comes from architects ego as the driving force. Show me some examples where this is not true. Designing a building different maybe.... but caused by Success = Ego Driven. Thats my view and I'm sticking to it.

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