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Posted by  lovleen on March 19, 2004 at 11:27:40:

I am planning to do a dessertation on the above topic. I am very much interested in the psychology 'of' architects,but most of the information i got on net was about psychology 'for' architects. So, i think i will have to collect a lot of first hand information and i would like to get some help from all of u.

Designing for oneself, is a dream for all architects. But what is it like in reality?

I think an architect thinks and designs diffrently, when he is designing for himself, than for a client. There is a lot more freedom, sky becomes the limit. but on the other hand it is a big responsibility and a risky adventure, as the entire credit or'blame' goes to him.

I would like to know ur viewpoint abt a few things,namely:
-How an architect reacts to such a challenge?
-Is designing his own house, the only such challenge available to him?
-What is the main design consideration: function or asthetics?
-Is such a thing done to Showcase his capabilities as an architect?
-how prone is he to 'experimentation' while undertaking such a project?
-Does he prefer to work all alone, or he seaks a lot of friendly advice from his architect friends?( as there is no client to approve)
-Is budget the biggest problem?
-What is the ratio of success and faliure?
( u r welcome to add more questions to my list)

A few interviews that i have conducted have yeilded the following result:
All architects initially project as if it is their masterpiece, but only after much pestering the bitter truths come out.
Since the architect himself uses the building, he keeps finding faults with it. His building never satisfies him.It's generally seen, the architect eventually doesn't even stay in it for too long, Its too valuable to be sold off, so generally given on rent.
The extra 'experimentation'in order to make something different, is the biggest drawback of such buildings.
The pride of an architect generally stops him from admitting the reality to others so, i hope atleast a few of u will come up wih truth.

I cerainly don't believe that an architect creates a bad building when he designs for himself. i am just interested to know about his psychology.This challenge of pleasing onself. The designing, when there is no given programme. The critical analysis of his own product after using it.

i would also like to know about some other topic dealing with psychology 'of' architects.


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