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Posted by  Daniil Placida on June 18, 2001 at 20:00:39:

Dear sirs!

Presently our little bureau AMAX is developing the similar project Virtual Asia. This work is connected with virtualization and interactive presentation of 3D models of Muslim cultureís architectural monuments. This is a global and very interesting project accessible for users all over the world. It includes two main sections such as following:

1. Visual study of architectural monuments and text explaining information, interactively connected with 3D model. Possibility of quick and overall review of objects in different viewing regimes. Maximal approach of objects' demonstration towards the reality and simplicity of using that allows to satisfy cultural interests of all users.

2. Monuments' study for specialists and students of engineering speciality in online regime. Installed CAD-browser allows to make different parametrical searches of monuments, sections in all planes, measurement, engineering developments for further using in paper form. It provides great opportunities for receiving of objective information on constructive base of studying constructions.

Highest level of data compression, their full interactivity and simplicity of study are favorably allocating the projects presented by us in the row of similar network projects. We would like to hope for your interest and support towards our undertaking, as we suppose this work is very duly and important for all Muslim world.There are more than 50 000 monuments of Muslim architecture in our Region that are daily perishing and destroying due to the absence of necessary restoration possibilities in our country. Presently we have enough specialists on 3 D architecture and restoration, but donít have possibility to finance their works. Due to this reason many of them are looking for a job abroad. This circumstance causes a serious concern, because an unique system of developing and presentation of historical monuments in the Internet is developed, as well as personnel are trained and necessary licenses are partly received from companies- producers of software. In connection with worsening lifeís conditions and absence of necessary funds, this structure may be destroyed in the nearest future.We would like to appeal to you and all organizations interested in such activity that if you are investor or sponsor of similar projects, or if you have information about such companies, please kindly communicate with us by the following or Despite of the present difficulties, we believe the future. In perspective we are going to expand the possibilities of interactive study of objects by the way of their association to the groups according to locations. It will allow to form necessary base for creation of virtual historical cities in the future.In order to know about our project, you need to visit our site and section 3D online

To be able to see our made monuments by your browser you are requested to download appropriate plugins that you will find there as well. If you face any difficulties in the process of execution of mentioned above actions, please do not hesitate to communicate with us urgently. But we are sure you will not have such problems.

Project's Admin.
Daniil Placida

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