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Posted by  Jim Smyth (Ireland) on September 16, 2001 at 17:53:52:

In Reply to:  Brief editorial on the World Trade Center disaster posted by Kevin Matthews on September 16, 2001 at 02:06:30:

I am impressed particularly by the last two paragraphs of your editorial.
Having spent the last 5 days with the only American opinions I have heard coming courtesy of news broadcasts, and each more stridently vengeful than the last, I was beginning to wonder whether there was any sane thinking going on on that side of the atlantic since Tuesday. It would be understandable if there were not given the intensity of anger that surely grips the country. The anger is evident in many other countries also. But, as you bravely assert, justice based on decency, fairness and proof should be the basis of response.

It is worth reading and taking seriously the item entitled "Tomorrow's Tragedy" in your discussion forum. While it has evidently been posted by someone using a false name, its original writer strikes another chord of sanity in this insane time. War is a small word, tripping off the tongues of powerful men with disturbing ease in the last few days. It is worth considering what degree of justice it has ever achieved and measuring that against the pain and suffering of yet more innocent victims. It is perhaps also worth considering whether it might not be a good idea for your government, instead of striving always to ensure that you can beat your enemies to try not to accumulate so damned many of them.

I am disturbed by the comparisons being drawn of the attacks on New York with the damage that would have been done by a small nuclear weapon and also by the notable proliferation in US news coverage of terminology, e.g. "ground zero", that has traditionally been used to describe nuclear weapons. Are they trying to prepare us for something "unconventional" or perhaps even trying to influence the choice of response.

These are frightening times butI would suggest that America's sympathisers at present are more frightened of what the US will do than are the people who carried out these terrible deeds.

Lynna Howard's "Mourning the Death of Buildings" was a truely touching and beautifully written piece which I am glad I came across in my search for some more technical info on the WTC.

I hope that the influence of such people can temper the righteous anger and bring justice rather than revenge, peace rather than war and a future of hope rather than despair.

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