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Posted by  Paul Dremann on September 30, 2001 at 05:51:17:

In Reply to:  Progressive collapse of Twin Towers posted by ngon nguyen on September 28, 2001 at 10:37:48:


Thank you for your article. I would somehow like to see your research/story in it's entirety with all illustrations, etc. Perhaps you could e-mail me for my snale mail address.

If you would note that I was the first to 'flag' the towers as flawed in my 9/13/2001 post entitled 'Architecture Week ~ 2001.0905 @ 09:07:42. You may want to scroll back to see it and other following entries by me on the same subject. After that a 'gradual' awakening of common sense began to emerge from our forum contributors. One of note was Malachy Larkin ( Architect ) who posted on 9/14/2001 essentially backing up my observations and also extending and clarifing them.

Thus, I read with great interest your research into the 'viscoelastic damper' design feature and it's contribution to the collapse as seen.
It should never have happened!

If they rebuild, ever, I hope they NEVER build it the same way for obvious reasons. There is the dreamer in me however that wishes that a mile high 'building' rise in it's place. What else than Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Illinois' employing the taproot foundation he designed would be VERY strong indeed and a signal to the world that we 'don't run'... All that aside, one could ask, Are ther any more buildings containing the design flaws of the WTC standing elsewhere in the world? How about the Ren Cen in Detroit? The word should go out that even a HOT fire could bring the whole structure cascading down, so plan accordingly!

Nice work and keep us informed.

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