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Important Note — Girls and Boys — Please, Be Safe Online!

Take good care of yourself, and be safe online.   While you are under age 18, you should never provide personal information to strangers online. For safety, please don't post your contact information online anywhere without having your parent's clear permission.   Some mistakes can be just too ugly!

This is especially important with the topic of modeling.   Fashion modeling has a beautiful side, and it has a dark side, too. Not everyone online who talks about modeling is who they say they are, or is telling the truth.

Please be careful, and walk in the light!   You should know what you are getting into.   Taking the time to read through some of the professional references listed below can be very helpful.

The Kiss
The Kiss
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Books About Fashion Modeling
The Wilhelmina Guide to Modeling     by Natasha Esch, Christine Walker, Rebecca Gayheart  
The Modeling Life : The One (And Only) Book That Gives You the Inside Story of What the Business Is Like and How You Can Make It     by Donna Rubinstein, Jennifer Kingson Bloom  
Modelmania : The Working Model's Manual     by Karl Preston  
The Modeling Handbook : The Complete Guide to Breaking into Local, Regional, and International Modeling     by Eve Matheson  
A Model's Primer     by M. J. Wilson  
How to Enter the Business of Commercial Modeling and Acting... Without Getting Ripped Off!     by Stuart J. Scesney, Joe Sachs, Mike Enders, Gladys H. Scesney  
Model : The Complete Guide for Men and Women     by Marie Anderson  
Glam Scam : Successfully Avoiding the Casting Couch and Other Talent and Modeling Scams : Erik Joseph
Model & Talent 2001 : The International Directory of Model & Talent Agencies & Schools
New York City Model Agency Directory     by Peter Glenn Staff  

The Modeling Life


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