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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on April 08, 2000 at 12:39:12:

From Nature magazine, the UK scientific journal —

"A newly developed model of Parkinson's disease in Drosophila promises to be of great value because these flies allow a genetic approach to elucidating the mechanisms underlying the disease. Mutations in the human gene encoding alpha-synuclein, an abundant neuronal protein of unknown function, produce nuerodegeneration in familial cases of Parkinson's disease. Flies that carry this human protein come down with Parkinson's disease, and remarkable though it may seem fo a fly, the model closely replicates the cardinal features of the human disease. [Letters, p. 394, News and Views, p. 341]

From — Nature - Volume 404 - 23 March 2000 -

We are all so much alike, even fruit flies and humankind.





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