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Message - UPDATE: Importing into Artlantis from DW

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Posted by  Jeff on January 23, 2001 at 08:35:55:

Hey all!

Here is a quick update on importing into Artlantis from DW. Thank you to those of you who have spent time on the phone and/or email regarding methods that will, in the end, allow us all to render smarter.

First, here is a simple summary of what you should expect:

- differentiates between objects by there colors
- objects displayed Artlantis 'Material List' as Property #1, #2, etc.
- remembers colors set in DW
- does not remember DW materials (unless material is a simple color)
- remembers Camara settings set in DW (change pitch from 57.3 to 70)
- reduces DW model size to 30.48 times smaller

DXF [triangulated (made in Lights and Textures mode)]
- differentiates between objects by Materials applied in DW
- objects displayed in 'Material List' as DW Material description
- does not remember color information
- does not remember camera information
- provides 'scale factor' so that your scale is correct at 30.5 (30.48)

There are clearly advantages to each. I am, at least for the short term, changing to using DXF (triangulated). In short, the scale changing is a total pain in the butt. I have verified that the problem is that Artlantis is not recognizing the ScaleAttribute information that is included with the 3DMF file made in DW. It is in the file, and even when changed, Artlantis basically ignores it. I have written Artlantis and await their response.

To make DXF work for us (VisionJem), I've created a DW template that includes a set of materials that work for our process. They basically descriptive and do not include a texture. So now, I creat a 'wall' and assign the 'wall' material; I creat 'trim' and assign the 'trim' material; I creat a 'door' and assign the 'door' material. The result is been pretty positive. Plus's with using DXF are pretty cool. Know my Artlantis 'Material List' makes wonderful sense. I can select everything right from there, as all my DW Material Descriptions are there instead of generic Property #1, #2, #3, etc. That is cool. And, ofcourse, the scale is accurate!

I wish the DXF did remember the color, but it doesn't and that's that. Color's would have to be reset. Our template's Material's do assign a basic color so we could use 3DMF if we so desired and get the DW colors to transfer. It's actually a pretty cool way to organize colors too. As an example the 'Wall' materials assigns a light tan color; the 'brick' materials assigns a dark red color, etc. We would use our batch of materials even if we were going to stay with 3DMF importing.

I'll let you know if I ever here from Artlantis on the 3DMF scale topic. Don't hold your breath!

See ya'll



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