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Posted by  GaryV on January 24, 2001 at 22:16:21:

In Reply to:  Re: UPDATE: Importing into Artlantis from DW posted by Brian Jelgerhuis on January 24, 2001 at 11:15:05:

Brian, I have consistantly been on the same wavelength as you for years. I have been pleading for recordable walkthrus in the lights and textures window. I have tried Radiance sucessfully but you are have to wait a long time for it to render or render at such a low res that you really can't see the results in order to be productive. I believe that you have correctly identified Artifice's position that they are a modeler not a renderer. They want to leave that to the people that "do that". I agree that if a package could do everything that the combined DW + Artlantis package could do it would knock the socks off the 3d world. At a minimun an Artlantis plugin similar to the Lightworks picturemaker but with more bells and whistles would be a start.

I, given Artifie's resistance to provide a renderer that more superior, have decided to purchase Artlantis. It is only a few weeks old and I am starting to like it. However, it IS a hassle to jump back and forth. It is NOT natural and impedes good design and work flow. But I have chosen to go this route despite the way I really want it.

I am hoping for great things. Will DW NG be a step in the right direction? Who knows. Will it be new and revolutionary and incorporate the things we ask for? Not sure. But I guess if we keep asking and asking maybe we will get what we want. There has been decreasing talk over the last year about desireable features. I am sure the regulars could list many features that would assist productivity immensely. I would love to have material and color filters and tools that allow you full creation capability such s they offer with their machines (which are quite helpful but again not good work flow). I would love booleans and realtime walkthrus that could be saved as quicktime movies. I am sure there is a lot we want. Let's keep asking. And let's hope the delivery of at least some new features is imminent.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of DW and still promote it whenever I can. It is because of its ease and elegance that I want it imporved so desperately!

Sorry for the ramble. Most that know me have read it all before...


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