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Posted by  Jeff on January 25, 2001 at 08:47:02:

OK, right off the bat I'll admit that many would tell me, "Go with a MAC". I didn't...maybe some day I'll explore that option much more seriouslly. However, I did find a great box sitting on a "opened" shelf that I thought was a steel. So I but it. I was amazed how much FASTER it was with DW and Artlantis. However it was much SLOWER in Micrographx iMage (very similar to PhotoShop).

The old box = PII 350 with 320 meg sdram.
The new box = AMD 1000 with 128 meg ddr ram

I'm concluding that the processor is much more important when dealing with the "vector" world in 3D modeling and when "rendering" in the 3D world. The same image (3072 pix's wide) rendered out 3.5 times faster with the new box.

I'm also concluding that RAM plays a much more important role when dealing with the "rastor" world. The old box still opened a 75 meg layered file about 4 times faster than the new box.

Any thoughts? I've ordered 256 mage more of ram for the new box. The new box is now the new home of our DW and Artlantis. Both boxes, just fyi, are Micron's.

I'd love to hear your feedback :)

See ya


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