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Posted by  GaryV on January 29, 2001 at 21:51:16:

In Reply to:  Re: Boring...not! posted by Chuck Gallup on January 29, 2001 at 19:56:51:

If I were to draw a rectangle with the line tool, then select each line should I be able to extrude from there? If so, what is the keystroke?

Chuck, generally I will draw with the block or the polygon tool. Lines generally should be avoided. In my case because I need walls with openings it is best to show thickness which you get with these tools. The answer to your extrusion question is easy. I use the info box a lot to draw very specific sizes but if you wanted to be looser you could just draw on the fly. Basically, use the block tool and draw the block then hold down the option key and you will extrude the shape up or down.

Here is what to just play with at first. Draw a cube. Then select the reshape tool (looks like a house with a point being pulled away) and grab a point. The best way to do this is get close to the point and hit the space bar to snap to that point. Then hold down option and drag the point and interactively reshape the object. If you do not hold down option it will reshape the object as opposed to the point specificially.

Also try a cube and play with the faces tool. Just experiment with Lite. You will get the feel for it.

Inspired by your motion picture of our barge, I imported a 2-D drawing into DW. What can be extruded from 2-D?

As for your first barge, draw a polygon of the side elevation. then with a closed polygon, (vertical and E-W dimensions derived from the polygon shape) select a N-S dimension. Just enter it in the edit box. You should have your first barge. Go to Lights and Textures and render it after applying a mterial in the info box at the bottom. Also you can reshape it as mentioned above.

Another option is drawing this polygon in PC and then saving as a DW file. Import it into DW and ten set the dimensions. It is very simple and PC works great with it. The movie I did was in Artlantis, a rendering package that has this feature. Unfortunatley DW does not have an animation feature that includes lights and textures (for the Mac) but you can walk around your model using the eye and foot tool at the bottom. Again, the option and command keys play important funtions here. Try walking around a cube and then using the other keys with the tool.

Complex shapes are best handled in DW by their online machines. These are a lesson or so down the line to put itmildly but checkout the machine page and you will see the options. The loftingmachine will be usefulfor you barges too.

I am sure I have forgotten a lot here. Trying to balance quick first experiments with giving you some important key points. I am sure some other users or Artifice might fill you in too (or maybe even welcome you!) or correct me if I have erred.

Just looking for a few tips before I get the manual:)
Isn't just like a spoiled brat to break the toy before reading the directions?

*slapping your hand*
Chuckie, I told you not to put that toy together until daddy read the instructions. Nice thing about DW (like PC) is that you often don't need instructions. Intuitive is the nameof the game here!

Hope this helps. You will find I am eager to help damn near anytime as others may attest. Damn, Kevin should either have me on staff or I should tend to my personal affairs the way I tend to the DW/PC affairs! :-)

Anyway, have at it and holler with any questions!!



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