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Message - 12 and 0.0833333 default DW settings

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Posted by  Jeff on February 01, 2001 at 13:51:20:

In a few messages regarding "scale" the question was asked of DW why the default values used in the system for Importing and Exporting DXF files. Here is the result of that inquiry.

DW uses a multiplier of 0.0833333 (1/12) when it Imports a DXF file. DW folks say that that is because most DXF files are scaled in "inches" and DW works in "feet". That makes sense...I think. I can't totally agree or disagree just yet because I've experienced proper and improper scale importing of CAD drawing DXF files into DW.

On the other hand, DW uses a multiplier of 12 when it Exports a DXF file. And, that was given the same reason. I, however, typically only export a DXF file for one get it into Artlantis with the least amount of effort. So, I CHANGED THE SETTINGS!

You can easily change these settings by opening the DW.ini file in a word processor. I've changed my Import setting to "1". I may get some rude awakenings, but I can always change it back to 12 later on. More importantly, I've changed my Export setting to 30.48. Does that number ring a bell? That will automatically take my DW model and convert it to cm's on it's trip to Artlantis. Therefore, I simply use the default 1.00 Scale Factor when I am prompted in Artlantis when I'm opening the DXF file (AutoCAD DXF 14).

Now you don't have to go run and change the DW.ini settings if you are not comfortable in doing so. I really like the fact I just don't have to think about it anymore (I will if I ever need to send someone a DXF...hasn't happened yet though).

If you have chosen to leave DW at it's default DXF Export setting of "12", and you know that your model was scaled properly while you were creating it in DW, your exported DXF files will be scaled now in "inches". You should use a Scale Factor of 2.54 (1 inch = 2.54 cm) when propted by Artlantis to open the DXF file at proper scale.

If you have already changed the DW Export setting to "1", as I know some of you have, your exported DXF files are scaled in "feet" just as they were while you were creating them in DW. You should use a Scale Factor of 30.48 (1 foot = 30.48 cm) when prompted by Artlantis to open the DXF file at the proper scale.

By the way...still no word from Artlantis on the 3DMF scale bug.


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