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Posted by  Chuck Gallup on February 13, 2001 at 21:35:00:

Hello Gary?

DW is great! Each day I learn something new. However, I am really having trouble making certain things.

In my business we use what we call sectors or portions of an arc to limit the bend of cable to certain dimensions.

I am thinking in PC 2-D and having trouble with DW as there is no radius tool. I am drawing circles..extruding...and then wacking with the knife but it's not pretty.

The sector I am tryin to draw for example is 15" x 15" @ 100" radius and is 80" from end to end. It is basically a 45 degree arc.

The next thing I have been unable to draw is a ball.

Is it another one of those things that are hard until someone show you how to do it?

Balless in Seattle



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