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Message - Geodesic triangles that don't talk to DW

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Posted by  Jerud Crandall on February 19, 2001 at 08:10:15:

Kevin et al.

It's been a while since i asked about this. Is there any progress on the problem we discussed on this forum back before christmas regarding my imported model of a geodesic dome from a program called DomeDXF? Recall that the model imported as a wireframe shell, and i was having no luck getting the "arbitrary working axes" to align to any of the individual triangles which made up the dome. You mentioned that you understood the root of the problem and tried to give a solution, but when it didn't work said something about having forgotten a complicated intermediate step. I would like to hear about that step, if possible. I would like to hear *anything* for that matter. If you've given up on the possibility of making this work, please just tell me so i can get on with things, maybe model the shell in SolidWorks and try to import back into DW later, or something.
We all know how busy you are at Artifice. I'd just like a progress report. Fire off a quick post, willya?

looking forward to hearing back from you.


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