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Posted by  Jeff on February 20, 2001 at 19:13:52:

DW tech's:

I use the 'Duplicate' function (Ctrl+D) some 100+ times a day. Or, at least it seems that way; I've never really counted. Is there a way to make the duplicated object stay in the same place as the original, rather than being positioned slightly 'south' and 'east' of the original? I typically need to position the new object relative to knowing were it was originally. As an example: duplicating a piece of 'trim', I want the new one in the same position relative to the 'wall', then I can just drag it to its new spot knowing that the position that I can't see is in the same place as the original. My present fix is quickly pressing the 'up arrow' twice and then the 'left arrow' twice to relocate the duplicate object back to its original position. So each time I duplicate an object you'll hear four quick taps right after I do so...I'd rather have no quick taps. Is there an obtion to turn the 'Duplicate shift' off?

Speaking of duplcating 'trim' sure would be nice to have a quick way to rotate an object 90 degrees. I use the 'hold shift' and 'rotate' tool effectively now, however, a short cut or hot key, like you use for 'flip's or 'fit's, for a 90 degree rotat would be great.




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