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Posted by  Artlantis Tech Support (c/o Jeff) on February 21, 2001 at 14:56:17:

Artlantis user,

Here is what Abvent is saying about the problem with scaling 3dmf files improperly. They are basically admitting that they do not 3dmf into consideration. As a result the DW created 3dmf (feet based) is imported in Artlantis (cm based) 30.48 times smaller than it should be. As we discussed before, you can enlarge it in DW before you take it over if you must use 3dmf files. I will be asking them if they will be making any changes...It doesn't sound good...they say very few ever use 3dmf, in fact this is the first time they have heard of the problem.

See ya,


Here you go:


Dear Jeff,

Please find here some precision about 3DMF format :

With the 3DMF file :
1/ Indeed our 3DMF plug does not take ScaleAttribute() into account.
2/ The database read by Art€lantis is considered as being in cm
3/ So the cube with dimensions 10*10*10 ft is interpreted as being 10*10*10

With the dxf file :
1/ The coordinates in the dxf are between 0 and 120.
2/ The database read by Art€lantis is considered as being in cm
3/ The cube read from the dxf file is 120*120*120 cm.
4/ When opening the dxf file, the plug allows you to enter a scale factor in
order to modify the size of objects.

So what I suggest you is :
Either you know how to set up the coordinates in cm in DesignWorkshop so
that they appear in cm in the 3DMF file,
Or you may use the dxf format and adjust the scale factor.

Abvent will investigate further on the 3DMF plug, but no correction can be
expected shortly.

I hope the tips above will help.
Thanks again for your findings.




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