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Message - Artlantis 4.0 not grouping triangles or polygons on imported DXF's

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Posted by  Jeff on February 21, 2001 at 15:20:41:

Here we go again...

I've started using Artlantis 4.0 now. Unfortunately, there is another bug that has caused to some slowing down in making a clean break from 3.5 to 4.0. If you are new to Artlantis, you may not have even noticed. But, if you have done much 'material reapplying' you will quickly notice...

DXF file elements are not being grouped in Artlantis 4.0, so you can't select an 'object', rather only the elements that make up the 'object'. The problem is present in both triangulated and polygonal DXF files. That means to select one simple post, a simple rectangle. You would have to select all 12 individual traingles that make up that 'object' (or 6 rectangles in a polygonal DXF). If you have just upgraded from 3.5, which worked fine in this area, you can first open the DXF file in 3.5, save the file, and then open the 3.5 file in 4.0. Everything is grouped fine when you open the 3.5 file in 4.0.

Unlike the 3dmf scaling issue, I'm sure Abvent will be moving quickly on this problem, as many people use the DXF format. I will let you know what they come back with. I've talked to them; they have duplicated the problem and understand that they need to respond quickly.

See ya,




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