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Posted by  Chuck Gallup on February 23, 2001 at 08:01:55:

In Reply to:  Re: DesignWorks has paid for itself already! posted by GaryV on February 21, 2001 at 22:33:47:


When I get all done I'll post my my work problemo.

Many of pieces I see involving DW Professional's are works of art. Absolutely beautiful! Some are out of this world.

There is also a real world side. For instance, a boilermaker uses a torch to wack off an 18" I-beam to make it fit in a building never to be seen again. An artist, using the same torch can turn steel in the scrap bin worth hundreds or thousands of dollars and may be seen for lifetimes.

My work is practical not beautiful. My company must transport all sorts of oddball cable laying equipment all over the world. To ship a truck across the US is about 4000.00 one way and 8000.00 round trip. Out of the US is even more. We ship between 8 and 16 trucks per job.

Prior to DW...2-3 weeks ago, I would pull out a ruled pad, lay out three different types of truck beds and by hand try and scale out all the possible loading scenarios. This system never worked. The trucks would get loaded but it was a puzzling group effort not very well documented and the confusion made the return trip home just as frustrating. If not done correctly there is a lot of wasted money and time. Trucks are either underloaded or overloaded. Not fun!

I have now made DW models of most of our equipment. Before I purchased DW, I expected to order 15 trucks, I have already pared it down to 13. We ship in about two weeks. During loading, each crew member is going to know exactly which piece goes where on the truck. Same at the recieving end. Customs will be a breeze because a DW 3-D will be attached to the list answering questions of the agent visually.

What blows me away is how quick I was able to pick up and use DW. Pick it up AND use it productively! I have know idea how to render, color and do many other things but at the moment it makes no difference.

The extra time I spent producing needed 3-D drawings has paid for DesignWorks. It also saved my company $20000.00 + or - in unneeded trucks!

I also did a barge layout from my bosses 2-D plan. IT was stunning the amount of problems we detected. Until I produced these drawings, the word on the street was I was simply wasting company time. Now there is no question DW will become an accepted part of our operation just like the telephone.

Having fun in Seattle,



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